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Chinese, of or pertaining to China; drugged (Ecuador)
Chinese, of or pertaining to China; curly; bald, hairless; young
Chinese, one of Chinese origin; Chinese people; Chinaman; mulatto, person who is both Negro and Caucasian; pig; curl; pebble, small stone; mincer, that which grinds or minces; blender
(Slang) slash, cut with a sharp quick stroke, gash, wound; carve up


(n.) = Chinese ; Chink ; Chinaman.
Nota: Uso ofensivo.
Ex: There are Irish criminals, they are not all in Ireland; there are Chinese criminals; they are not all in China.
Ex: They tend to be utterly paranoid, always having at the back of their head strange notions of how 'these sneaky Chinks are out there to get them'.
Ex: An innocent Chinese man was punched right on his left eye and yelled at 'We don't need Chinamen in this country!'.
* barrio chino, el = Chinatown.
* freír al estilo chino = stir-fry.
* frito al estilo chino = stir-fry.
* naranjita china = kumquat [cumquat].
* papel de China = rice paper ; pith paper.
* repollo chino = Chinese cabbage.
* República Popular China = Chinese People's Republic.
* República Popular China, La = People's Republic of China, The.
* sonar todo a chino = be all Greek to ; not understand a jot ; not understand a (single) word.
* tinta china = India(n) ink.
* trabajo de chinos = fiddly .
* y ahora me cuentas una de chinos = pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)).
(n.) = stone ; pebble.
Ex: A manuscript is a writing made by hand (including musical scores), typescripts, and inscriptions on clay tablets, stone, etc.
Ex: Could a pebble in a babbling brook be considered a document?.

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