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drug addict, one who is addicted to drugs; resident of Nicaragua (country in Central America) (Central America)
doddering; doting
(slang) dodderer; (vulgar) cunt


(n.) = woodcock.
Ex: Woodcock, like any other game bird, needs careful cooking.
(adj.) = doddering ; senile ; gaga ; dotty .
Ex: The article is entitled 'Dawn raids and doddering academics'.
Ex: However, the advertisements were not found to support the societal stereotypes that the aged are inflexible, senile, physically deteriorated, and dependent.
Ex: So if Ellen and Baltar are anything to go by, it seems exceptionally smart people are a bit gaga.
Ex: Everyone thinks she's just a dotty old woman, but Joe knows the truth.
* viejo chocho = dodderer ; old fart.

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