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woman from the back streets of Madrid; rough woman; showy woman, girlfriend, romantic female partner (Latin America)
lazy, slothful; idle; villainous, wicked, sinful; loathsome, abhorrent
easy-going; layabout, idler; villain; pimp, one who manages a prostitution business; turkey

(adj.) = cocky ; thug ; snobbish ; snobby ; snob ; show-off ; showboat ; hot dog ; ruffian ; hoodlum ; supercilious.
Ex: Bold, ambitious and in-your-face I've always considered them to be just too cocky by half.
Ex: Poole was a notorious gang leader & street thug, murdered by enemies of similar background.
Ex: It was possible to identify 3 main groups who display 3 different types of attitude -- participative, delegative and 'snobbish'.
Ex: Every one looked like death warmed up, including the snobby staff who I found far from welcoming.
Ex: The biggest faux pas according to snobs who take such things seriously is calling a sofa a couch or a setee.
Ex: The ebullient Mr Wang is a chatterbox and a bit of a show-off.
Ex: Steve knows that he is a 'showboat, a little bit of a prick,' but he also knows that it's too late for a man in his fifties to change.
Ex: Jerry Hairston is a bit of a hot dog and needs to be reined in at times.
Ex: The coroner said she had died not from drowning, but from being abused and murdered by a gang of ruffians.
Ex: Gangs of hoodlums, aged as young as eight, are roaming the streets terrorising store owners and shoppers in broad daylight.
Ex: A commenter took me to task for being supercilious and said it was inconsistent with my religion.
(n.) = pimp ; whoremonger ; whoremaster.
Ex: The unholy and more holy sources of community information are mentioned from pimps and prostitutes to the preacher and the policeman.
Ex: She has released a book on her life as a whoremonger to the very wealthy this week, and is making the rounds to promote it.
Ex: Set in the late eighteenth century, the novel follows the wild adventures of Ned Rise, thief and whoremaster, through London's seamy gutters.
(adj.) = neat ; nifty ; funky ; swish.
Ex: What is possibly less easy is to making sure that the guiding stays clean, neat and accurate.
Ex: Another reason why this is nifty is because this site has plenty of resources available for your use, so you're not having to re-invent the wheel should you decide to adopt this assignment for your course.
Ex: The scarf can be knit with pockets at the end to keep their hands toasty or trimmed with bobbles for a funky look.
Ex: The entrance to the hotel is very swish and the rooms although small very well maintained and clean.
* estar chulo = look + cool.
* lo chulo = coolness.
* ser chulo = be cool ; look + cool.

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