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girth, belt

belt belt

(n.) = belt ; belt ; girdle ; obi.
Nota: Prenda generalmente usada con los kimonos japoneses.
Ex: The only modification made was the replacement of the light-weight belt or roller on the machine wire with the dandy roll, first used in 1825.
Ex: While Singapore enterprises are active in China's thriving eastern and coastal belt, the western region remains almost virgin territory to them.
Ex: Elizabethan men would sometimes wear girdles, the equivalent of the female corset, to obtain the wasp-waisted look!.
Ex: Although there is some indication that the manner of wearing an obi indicated social rank, this had little to do karate and more with social traditions.
* abrochar el cinturón de seguridad = fasten + Posesivo + seat belt ; do + Posesivo + seat belt up.
* abrocharse el cinturón = buckle up.
* ajustarse el cinturón = tighten + Posesivo + belt ; gird (up) + Posesivo + loins.
* ajuste del cinturón = belt-tightening.
* apretarse el cinturón = tighten + Posesivo + belt ; gird (up) + Posesivo + loins.
* cinturón de castidad = chastity belt.
* Cinturón de las Heladas, el = Frost Belt, the.
* Cinturón del Sol, el = Sun Belt, the.
* cinturón de seguridad = seat belt ; safety belt.
* llevar puesto el cinturón de seguridad = wear + a seat belt.
* ponerse el cinturón = buckle up.

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