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appointment; engagement; rendezvous; quotation, citation
make an appointment; date; summon, order to appear before a court; adduce, cite as evidence; quote, cite


it mentions

(n.) = appointment ; engagement ; rendezvous.
Ex: Dexter Rundle went on: 'As I said I'm late for an appointment and have to go, but tell Ms. Lachaise that I'll be in touch with her'.
Ex: The library services person will then give you the author's address, if he does accept engagements, or, often, make a preliminary inquiry for you.
Ex: She decided to have a cup of coffee in the library's cafeteria before her rendezvous with Edmonds.
* cita con el dentista = dental appointment.
* concertar una cita = make + an appointment ; schedule + an appointment.
* lugar de cita = meeting ground.
* persona que no se presenta a una cita o reserva = no-show.
* reservar cita = book + time.
(n.) = date ; tryst.
Ex: The article 'A date with progress' explains the benefits to librarians and users of having the publication date of a book added to its Dewey Decimal Classification number.
Ex: Two dangerous trysts are spied upon by a third and hostile party, whose presence is detected by the lovers who act in consort to outwit him.
* cita a ciegas = blind date.
* cita con un extraño = blind date.
* primera cita = first date.
* tener una cita = date ; go (out) on + a date.
* violación cometida por la persona con quien se ha tenido una cita = date rape.
(n.) = quote.
Ex: Kilgour, from whom the above quote is taken, believes that with such catalogues 'it will not be necessary to have extensive descriptive cataloging rule systems'.
* cita textual = quotation ; sic.
* mapa de citas = citation map.
(n.) = source reference ; citing habit ; cite.
Ex: Longer titles since each title can occupy only one line will be truncated and only brief source references are included.
Ex: This parallelism suggests similar citing habits of scientists in the fields studied.
Ex: It is much better to err in terms oftoo many cites than it is to err on the side of too few citations.
* análisis de citas = citation analysis.
* bibliometría sobre citas = citation bibliometry.
* búsqueda de citas = citation search.
* cita bibliográfica = citation ; document citation ; reference citation.
* cita bibliográfica falsa = bibliographic ghost.
* cita bibliográfica ficticia = bibliographic ghost.
* citas máximas = maximum citation.
* edad de la cita = citation age.
* encadenamiento de citas = citation chain ; chain of citation.
* enlace cita = backlink.
* frecuencia de cita = citation rate.
* impacto de citas = citation impact.
* indicador de citas = citation indicator.
* Indice de Citas = citation index ; Citation Index.
* Indice de Citas de Ciencia (SCI) = Science Citation Index (SCI).
* Indice de Citas de las Ciencias Sociales (SCI) = Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI).
* índice invertido de las citas bibliográficas = citation dictionary.
* libro de citas = citator.
* número de citas = number of citations.
* obra fuente de la cita = citing work.
* obtener una cita bibliográfica = glean + citation.
* orden de cita = citation order ; combination order.
* patrón de cita = citation pattern.
(v.) = cite.
Ex: However, the rules numbers which are cited here for ease of reference to AACR2 apply to AACR2 alone.
* citar como ejemplo = cite + as an example.
* citar las palabras de Alguien = quote + Nombre + words.
* citar literalmente = quote + verbatim.
* citar mal = misquote.
* citar textualmente = quote.
* digno de citarse = quotable.
(v.) = summon.
Ex: All interested parties were summoned to further cooperate for the success of the show.

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