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townsfolk, town
civic; town
citizen, burgher, one who lives in a city or town


(n.) = citizenry ; townspeople.
Ex: The subpoena process represents a legal obligation and duty of citinzenry and is becoming a fact of life in the operations of many libraries. Ex: One of the assignments was for students to interview townspeople about their use of the public library. (n.) = citizen ; national ; constituent ; private citizen ; burgess ; member of the public ; punter.
Ex: This paper reports a conference on present and future possibilities for interstate cooperation in the effective delivery of community information to citizens.
Ex: This collection includes also works about the Maltese Islands and those written by Maltese nationals but published abroad.
Ex: This service was formed in 1792 to give constituents free information on the activity of their government.
Ex: Except for civil laws, and the individual right of the private citizen etc., the king is bound to public law, constitutional law and divine law.
Ex: They claimed that they and all of their ancestors as burgesses had held a market on these days from time out of mind, without interruption.
Ex: As well as voting for candidates it is possible for a member of the public to decide to stand for election themselves.
Ex: It could mean simply the ability of the punter to move between pieces of information in much the same way as he or she uses the remote controller to change channels on analogue television.
* centro de atención al ciudadano = advice centre.
* Centro de Información al Ciudadano = Public Information Center (PIC).
* ciudadano británico = Briton.
* ciudadano de a pie = ordinary citizen ; everyday citizen.
* ciudadano de edad avanzada = elderly citizen.
* ciudadano de la tercera edad = senior citizen.
* ciudadano de segunda clase = second-class citizen.
* ciudadano ejemplar = model citizen ; exemplary citizen.
* ciudadano medio, el = average man, the ; average citizen, the.
* ciudadano modélico = model citizen ; exemplary citizen.
* ciudadano modelo = model citizen ; exemplary citizen.
* ciudadano normal = ordinary citizen ; member of the public ; everyday citizen.
* ciudadanos = citizenry ; townspeople.
* ciudadano soldado = citizen soldier.
* conciudadano = fellow citizen.
* defensor de los derechos de los ciudadanos = citizen activist.
* defensor de los intereses del ciudadano = watchdog.
* derechos del ciudadano = civil liberties.
* el ciudadano de a pie = the average Joe.
* el ciudadano medio = the average Joe.
* grupo de ciudadanos desatentido = unserved, the.
* instrucción sobre los derechos de los ciudadanos = community education.
* la ciudadana de a pie = the average Jane.
* la ciudadana media = the average Jane.
* Oficina de Información al Ciudadano (CAB) = Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB).
* simple ciudadano, el = man-on-the-street ; man in the street, the.
* soldado ciudadano = citizen soldier.
* centro de información ciudadana = community information centre.
* deber ciudadano = civic duty.
* grupo de acción ciudadana = citizen action group ; community action group.
* grupo de protección ciudadana = civic trust group.
* inseguridad ciudadana = street crime.
* participación ciudadana = community involvement ; participative citizenship ; citizen participation ; civic involvement ; civic engagement ; civic participation.
* seguridad ciudadana = public safety.
* servicio de información ciudadana = community information service.

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