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classic, vintage; classical
classic, creation that serves as an example to be followed (outstanding piece of art, excellent book, etc.); something worth remembering; something traditional

classical, classic



(n.) = classic.
Nota: Nombre.
Ex: Some recipe classics never go out of fashion and fairy cakes top the list.
* clásico de la literatura = literary classic.
* clásico literario = literary classic.
* clásicos = classics ; oldies.
(adj.) = classic ; classical ; vintage ; conventional ; classicising [classicizing, -USA] ; classicised [classicized, -USA] ; vintage.
Ex: The classic and well-known example of such a distinction is that which is frequently found in libraries where books are arranged in separate sequences according to their size; for example, octavo, quarto and folio.
Ex: Music, especially classical works, often requires the establishment of a uniform title.
Ex: Indeed, advantage was taken of the tenth anniversary of British membership to make 1983 a vintage year for monographs on the European Communities.
Ex: The foregoing discussion concerning analytical entries assumes implicitly a conventional catalogue format, that is, card, microform or other printed catalogue.
Ex: By modelling her portraits on ancient Roman busts, she was responding to cultural and political forces which fostered a classicizing style.
Ex: His Cubist still lifes with figures rendered in a sketchily classicized style echoes the conflict between the academic and the avant-garde in the early 20th century.
Ex: When she discovered vintage comics and their lurid covers, she went nuts.
* a imitación de lo clásico = classicising [classicizing, -USA] ; classicised [classicized, -USA].
* arquitectura clásica = classical architecture.
* ejemplo clásico = classical example.
* época clásica, la = classical age, the.
* estudio clásico = classic study.
* estudios de literatura clásica = classical studies.
* imitando a lo clásico = classicising [classicizing, -USA] ; classicised [classicized, -USA].
* latín clásico = Classical Latin.
* literatura clásica = classical literature.
* mundo clásico, el = classical world, the.
* neoclásico = neoclassical [neo-classical].
* obra anónima clásica = anonymous classic.
* texto clásico = classical text.

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