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brightness; lightness; explicitness; clearness, clarity; crystal; lightship

lucidity, articulateness, limpidness, clarity


(v.) = clarity ; explicitness of detail ; explicitness ; clearness ; lightness ; understandability.
Ex: In the interests of clarity an integrated account of the appropriate added entry headings is to be found in 21.29 and 21.30.
Ex: Users of the information system may influence the explicitness of the detail in a list.
Ex: Other issues of concern include the various complexities of titles proper of serials and areas of description where the code lacks explicitness.
Ex: They emphasize clearness, flexibility, ease of use and following standards as important aspects to consider when designing a user interface for an OPAC.
Ex: This system of nomenclature is based on ten names of hues and three names of neutral shades; four adjectives indicating lightness; and four adjectives indicating saturation = Este sistema de nombres se basa en diez nombres de colores y tres nombres de tonalidades neutras con cuatro adjetivos para indicar la claridad y otros cuatro para la saturación.
Ex: The criteria were availability, searchability, understandability, credibility, and applicability.
* claridad de exposición = clarity of exposition.
* claridad de funciones = role clarity.
* claridad de presentación = clarity of presentation.
* claridad de responsabilidades = role clarity.
* con poca claridad = indistinctly.
* con toda claridad = as clear as a bell.
* expresado con claridad = clearly articulated ; well-articulated.
* falta de claridad = fuzziness ; obscurity ; murkiness ; indistinctiveness ; indistinctness.
* falto de claridad = nebulous.

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