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cook, to

to cook

to cook

(v.) = cook ; cook + a meal ; do + the cooking.
Ex: We set aside places to sleep and cook and wash and defecate.
Ex: The housewife cleaning her house, shopping, cooking meals, rearing her children and washing and ironing is undoubtedly working just as much as is her husband on the car assembly line or in the insurance office.
Ex: Throughout history, women have always done the cooking around the house.
* alimentos sin cocinar = raw food.
* cocinado al vapor = steamed.
* cocinar a fuego alto = cook over + a high heat ; cook at + a high heat.
* cocinar a fuego lento = coddle ; cook over + a low heat ; cook at + a low heat ; slow cook.
* cocinar a la perfección = cook + Nombre + to perfection.
* cocinar al baño María = steam.
* cocinar al horno = baking.
* cocinar al vapor = steam.
* cocinar con microondas = microwave cook.
* cocinar demasiado = overcook.
* cocinar en el microondas = microwave ; nuke.
* cocinar lentamente = slow cook.
* cocinarse = go down.
* hierba para cocinar = culinary herb.
* para cocinar uno mismo = self-catering.
* plancha de cocinar = griddle ; hotplate.
* plancha eléctrica de cocinar = electric hotplate.
* sin cocinar = uncooked.
* vino para cocinar = cooking wine.
(v.) = go down.
Ex: If anything is going down here it's woman-hatred, not man-hatred, a veritable war against women.

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