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rocket, skyrocket


(n.) = rocketry.
Ex: The point being that these systems are very much in their infancy and have a long way to go before they reach the comparable sophistication of space probes and reusable rocketry. (n.) = fireworks ; rocket.
Ex: This article gives examples of unusual forms of library promotion -- rallies, comedy competitions, fun runs, fireworks.
Ex: The fighter pilot said he was ordered to fire a full salvo of rockets at the UFO moving erratically over the North Sea.
* cohete espacial = space rocket.
* cohete lanzadera = launch rocket.
* cohetes = rocketry.
* ir como un cohete = zip ; bucket.
* lanzador de cohetes = rocket launcher.
* no estar/ser (como) para tirar cohetes = be nothing to write home (to mom) about.
* no esta/ser para tirar cohetes = be no great shakes.
* no estar/ser para tirar cohetes = be nothing to shout about ; be not much cop.
* pasar como un cohete = whiz(z) ; streak ; zip + past ; whiz(z) by ; fly by ; fly + past.
* salir disparado como un cohete = shoot off ; fly off ; dart out (of).

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