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coincide, agree, concur

(v.) = coalesce ; co-occur ; fall + square on ; be in general consensus ; match up.
Ex: Mayo's conclusion was that 'the singling out of certain groups of employees for special attention had the effect of coalescing previously indifferent individuals into cohesive groups with a high degree of group ride or esprit-de-corps'.
Ex: There is also the Permuterm index, based on significant words in the titles of the items covered, and listing all of the words with which they co-occur in the specific titles.
Ex: The pressman's first task with a new book was to make register, which meant laying on the first forme relative to the bed of the press and the press points so that, when the paper was printed on one side, turned over, and replaced on the points, the pages of the second forme would fall square on the backs of those of the first.
Ex: Respondents who use the library's electronic information soruces are in general consensus that the library sources provide worthwhile information = Los encuestados que usan las fuentes de información de la biblioteca coinciden en que éstas ofrecen información pertinente.
Ex: A few universities are even using social media to match up roommates in advance.
* coincidir con = be coextensive with ; coincide (with) ; match ; match against ; clash with ; fit with ; mesh with ; match up to ; match up against.
* coincidir (con/en) = see + eye to eye (with/on).
* coincidir con + Posesivo + interés = match + Posesivo + interest.
* coincidir en = agree (on/upon).
* hacer coincidir = match up.
* hacer coincidir (con) = reconcile (with).

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