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collaborative, cooperative, joint, combined, collective
collaborator; helper; campaign worker


(adj.) = collaborating ; collaborative ; collaborator ; contributor ; stakeholder ; partner ; cooperating [co-operating] ; contributive ; cooperator ; aid worker ; supporting.
Ex: For collaborating corporate bodies the same rules apply as for collaborating personal authors.
Ex: This is a truly collaborative effort involving the Council on Library Resources (CLR) as the management and funding agency and 12 participants from the research library community.
Ex: A collaborator is a person who works with one or more associates to produce a work; all may make the same kind of contribution, as in the case of shared responsibility, or they may make different kinds of contributions, as in the case of collaboration between an artist and a writer.
Ex: Contributors may be informed of standards to which they are expected to adhere either by word of mouth or through the agency of formal written instructions.
Ex: This has two purposes: as an assessment of how the service is performing, and as an accountability factor to the stakeholders.
Ex: Under this agreement, UTLAS has a Quebec partner with the exclusive right to offer UTLAS' services and products in that province.
Ex: One organizational model would be to establish a honeycomb structure of cooperating regional consortia.
Ex: A class may be keen, alert, contributive, except for one child who is withdrawn, distracted, unresponsive.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The industrial librarian as cooperator'.
Ex: Canadian humanitarian aid worker gives first hand account of the situation in Northern Iraq.
Ex: However, it doesn't take very long before the supporting machine file attains greater importance than the manual catalog.
* colaborador de investigación = research fellow.
* poco colaborador = unresponsive.

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