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place, put; position; set in place, lay; locate; station; collocate

arrange I placed

(v.) = arrange ; collocate ; place ; position ; sit ; site ; tuck ; lay + in place ; go on ; dispose ; lay on ; range ; set up ; lay out ; put up.
Ex: A catalogue is a list of the materials or items in a library, with the entries representing the items arranged in some systematic order.
Ex: Author entry gives direct access to particular documents whilst at the same time collocating documents with the same author.
Ex: In each class the most significant facet is placed first, the next most significant next, and so on.
Ex: Once the cursor has been positioned to where the mistake was made, then enter in the correct data.
Ex: It would be highly desirable to have a phone sitting on top of the library catalogue (if your are still in the dark ages with a card catalogue that is).
Ex: The library's data bases are available at a number of locations via appropriately sited terminals.
Ex: The easy chairs are however often tucked into odd corners where you could not put a full table and chair anyway.
Ex: Finally gold leaf was laid in place over the blind impressions, and fixed into them with further impressions of the hot tools, surplus gold being rubbed off.
Ex: If the issue is to go on the display shelf, an 'X' appears under 'Display'.
Ex: This system promises to augment existing networks with the appropriate intelligence which will enable them to build, test, manage, maintain, change, dispose and withdraw services easily, rapidly and cost effectively.
Ex: Machine-made paper, provided that it was dry, could be laid on with sufficient accuracy for register to be made with no more ado than adjustment of the forme for the second run.
Ex: Serials can be ranged in the order of the access number, i.e. in the order of their arrival, without distinction as to their size or contents.
Ex: The reference service is set up next to, on in the case of small units, in the reading room.
Ex: There should be plenty of space to lay out all the books attractively and for people to move about without feeling too crowded.
Ex: If you put up a real tree too soon then all the little pine needle things will fall off and you'll be left with a twig on Christmas day.
* colocar Algo en reserva = place + Nombre + in reserve ; place + Nombre + on reserve ; place + Nombre + on hold.
* colocar como primer elemento de un encabezamiento compuesto = lead.
* colocar de nuevo en los estantes = reshelve [re-shelve].
* colocar en el lugar donde = put in + the place where.
* colocar en los estantes = shelve.
* colocar en los estantes sin distinguir tipo de material = intershelve.
* colocar en sentido horizontal = lay + flat.
* colocar en su lugar = drop + Nombre + into place ; swing + Nombre + into position.
* colocar en un lugar = put into + place.
* colocar en un lugar erróneo = misplace.
* colocar fuera de alcance = place + out of reach.
* colocar junto a = juxtapose.
* colocar juntos en el catálogo = collocate.
* colocarse = get + high.
* colocarse en la posición de = place + Reflexivo + in the position of.
* colocarse las medallas = take + the credit (for).
* colocar una bomba = plant + bomb.
* colocar un trozo de maceta sobre el agüjero de drenaje = crock + the pot.
* colocar un trozo de tiesto sobre el agüjero de drenaje = crock + the pot.
* que se coloca en lo alto del televisor = set-top.
* volver a colocar = put + Nombre + back.

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