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commence, begin, start; launch, initiate; light, dawn

begin, commence, start

to begin

(v.) = begin ; commence ; get + started ; launch ; set about + Gerundio ; start ; start off ; start out ; start + Posesivo + life ; curtain + rise ; enter ; kick off ; set out ; take + flight ; get + Nombre + underway ; be scheduled to start ; get + Posesivo + feet wet ; set in ; cut + Posesivo + spurs ; set on + foot ; put in + train ; set in + train ; set in + motion ; set off ; kick in ; initiate ; get it + started.
Ex: This section has begun to demonstrate some of the problems associated with the author approach.
Ex: This stop list is input to the computer before indexing can commence, and is a list of the words which appear in text which have no value as access words in an index.
Ex: 'We'll get started as soon as everyone arrives,' the executive director shook her hand and smiled graciously.
Ex: It describes an attempt by leaders in the CD-ROM business to launch a logical file structure standard for CD-ROM.
Ex: The CRG set about trying to define a series of integrative levels upon which it would be possible to base the main classes and their order for a new general classification scheme.
Ex: Over the past two to three years the numbers of full text data bases and data banks has started to escalate considerably.
Ex: If you establish a principle of using the national language, where do you start off?.
Ex: The preliminary discussions and proposals which led up to the AACR, did start out with an attempt to fashion an ideology, a philosophical context, for those rules.
Ex: In effect, the book started its life rather more as a light entertainment middle-of-the-range hardback autobiography but popular acclaim turned it into a huge mass-market paperback success.
Ex: One of the main contributions in this issue is 'Future directions: the curtain rises on interactive video,' by David Hon.
Ex: Though the reference librarian cannot enter the reference process until he receives the question from the enquirer he is vitally concerned about all of its stages.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The bucks start here: ALA kicks off library funding campaign'.
Ex: The person seeking information needs to have all the necessary documentation before setting out, otherwise it could result in considerable expense and much time wasting.
Ex: The article 'ALA campaign takes flight @ the local level' reports on a five year public education programme sponsored by the American Library Association to promote all types of libraries throughout the USA.
Ex: The author describes two surveys which the IFLA Section has been involved in to acquire the information necessary to get the project underway.
Ex: CAPTAIN is scheduled to start commercial services in 1983.
Ex: Coming clean to voters is something she's gonna have to get used to if she is really serious about getting her feet wet in elected politics.
Ex: Open or compound fractures were usually fatal prior to the advent of antiseptics in the 1860s because infection would set in.
Ex: Lorene, who cut her spurs fighting for equal pay, said she was `absolutely gobsmacked' at having won the award.
Ex: If such an experiment were set on foot in any part of England its success would be certain.
Ex: Following that vote, the Government put in train an analysis of the reasons the document was voted down.
Ex: The slightest disturbance may set in train a process of degradation-as from forest to grassland, or grassland to desert.
Ex: If someone reports that a member of the staff is drunk while on the job, the supervisor must immediately set in motion the prescribed personnel procedures for verifying the charge, issuing a warning, observing and documenting future performance, and, if necessary, initiating a dismissal action.
Ex: There are few departments within a school which do not possess or cannot produce objects that can be used as decorations to set off books.
Ex: The first wave of long-awaited reforms to credit-card industry practices began kicking in on Aug. 20.
Ex: The scheme was initiated under the auspices of UNISIST with the intention of providing a switching language.
Ex: It's not a place that I would stay at all night, but a good place to get it started on a bar hop.
* al comenzar = at startup.
* comenzar a = be on + Posesivo + way to ; begin to ; start to.
* comenzar a arder = catch on + fire.
* comenzar a empeorar = take + a turn for the worse ; take + a turn for the worst.
* comenzar Algo = get + Nombre + started.
* comenzar Algo con buen pie = start + Nombre + off on the right foot.
* comenzar a llorar = start to + cry ; begin to + cry ; burst into + tears.
* comenzar a luchar contra = begin + war on.
* comenzar a mejorar = take + a turn for the better ; take + a turn for the best.
* comenzar a pensar en = turn + Posesivo + mind to.
* comenzar a reír = break into + a laugh ; start to + laugh ; begin to + laugh.
* comenzar a sonreír = start to + smile ; begin to + smile.
* comenzar a trabajar de inmediato = hit + the ground running.
* comenzar bien = get off to + a (good/great) start ; make + a good start ; get off on + the right foot ; be off to a (good/great) start.
* comenzar con buen pie = start + Nombre + on the right footing ; make + a good start ; get off on + the right foot ; get off to + a (good/great) start ; be off to a (good/great) start.
* comenzar con el pie derecho = be off to a (good/great) start.
* comenzar con el pie izquierdo = get off on + the wrong foot ; make + a bad start.
* comenzar con mal pie = get off on + the wrong foot ; make + a bad start.
* comenzar de cero = begin from + scratch ; start from + scratch ; start at + ground zero.
* comenzar de nuevo = start + all over again ; recommence ; make + a new start ; start (it/all) over (again) ; make + a fresh start ; start + fresh ; start + afresh ; begin + afresh.
* comenzar desde = set out from.
* comenzar desde cero = start at + ground zero ; begin from + scratch.
* comenzar desde la base = start at + ground zero ; start from + scratch ; begin from + scratch.
* comenzar el día = start + the day.
* comenzar el turno de trabajo = go on + duty.
* comenzar la jornada = start + the day.
* comenzar lento = be slow off the mark ; be slow off the blocks.
* comenzar mal = get off on + the wrong foot ; make + a bad start.
* comenzar muy rápido = be off to a fast start.
* comenzar partiendo de cero = build from + scratch.
* comenzar por el principio = start from + scratch ; start at + ground zero ; begin from + scratch.
* comenzar pronto = make + an early start ; get + a head start ; get off to + an early start ; get + a jump start.
* comenzar rápido = be quick off the mark ; be quick off the blocks.
* comenzar tarde = have + a late start.
* comenzar temprano = get off to + an early start ; get + a head start ; make + an early start ; get + a jump start.
* comenzar una conversación = initiate + a conversation.
* comenzar una nueva vida = make + a new life for + Reflexivo ; start + a (whole) new life.
* comenzar un viaje = set off on + a journey.
* para comenzar diremos que = to begin with.

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