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companion, partner; associate, comrade; compeer, mate

compagnon, agne pal, sidekick, fellow, companion, buddy, mate


(n.) = bedfellow ; colleague ; fellow ; partner ; helpmate ; mate ; partner ; male partner ; sexual partner ; comrade ; companion.
Ex: I would like to devote a couple of moments each to what may seem strange bedfellows at first: Sholom Aleichem, Melvil's Rib, the CIA, and La Jolla, California.
Ex: Thus the electronic journal (e-journal) is a concept where scientists are able to input ideas and text to a computer data base for their colleagues to view, and similarly to view the work of others.
Ex: Some children are swayed more than others by the attitudes, opinions, behavior of friends and fellows, but none escapes unaffected, not even the outsider, the loner.
Ex: Under this agreement, UTLAS has a Quebec partner with the exclusive right to offer UTLAS' services and products in that province.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Microcomputer library resources: headache or helpmate?.
Ex: Equally the housewife happily crossing off her numbers in the bingo hall is just as much at leisure as is her husband painting his pigeon loft and then going for a drink with his mates at the pub.
Ex: This project did not attempt to look at more personal factors such as partners and dependants on this occasion .
Ex: According to custom, men are allowed to have concubines & women lack the right to refuse sex to their male partners = Según las costumbres, a los hombres se le permite tener concubinas y las mujeres no tienen derecho a negarle las relaciones sexuales a sus compañeros sentimentales.
Ex: Mating strategies also appeared to be influenced by birth order, most notably in the area of infidelity, with middleborns being the least likely birth order to cheat on a sexual partner.
Ex: Her father killed himself after being slandered by his comrades.
Ex: To describe my friend as contemptible would perhaps be a bit harsh, so let it suffice to say that he was not above pulling a nasty trick on a companion.
* compañero de casa = housemate ; housemate.
* compañero de clase = classmate.
* compañero de cuarto = roomie ; roommate.
* compañero de equipo = teammate.
* compañero de estudios = co-student.
* compañero de fatigas = brother in arms ; comrade in arms.
* compañero de habitación = roommate ; roomie.
* compañero de juego = teammate.
* compañero del alma = soulmate ; kindred spirit.
* compañero de oficina = office colleague.
* compañero de piso = flatmate ; housemate ; roomie ; roommate.
* compañero de profesión = colleague.
* compañero de trabajo = co-worker [coworker] ; male colleague ; work colleague ; fellow worker.
* compañero de viaje = fellow traveller.
* compañero de vida = lifemate.
* compañero infiel = cheating partner.
* compañeros = peer group.
* compañero sentimental = male partner.
* enseñanza por compañeros = peer instruction.
* red de antiguos compañeros = old boy network.
* relación entre compañeros = peer interaction.
* tutorías por compañeros = peer coaching.
(n.) = companion.
Nota: Miembro de una 'compañía' (companionship) de compositores.
Ex: In one, called working on time or in pocket, the clicker received copy and instructions from the overseer and divided the work among his companions.
(adj.) = matching.
Ex: By selecting this qualifier all works having a matching number of pages will be included in the search.

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