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complex; convoluted
complex; a hang up




(n.) = complex ; nexus.
Ex: The planned library will be part of a complex including a civic hall, information lobby, exhibition rooms and a restaurant.
Ex: The future OPAC is likely to be one building block in a larger nexus of information structures.
* complejo bibliotecario = library complex.
* complejo comercial = shopping complex.
* complejo de pisos = condominium complex.
* complejo deportivo = sports complex.
* complejo de viviendas subvencionadas = housing project.
* complejo industial = industrial estate ; industrial park.
* complejo industrial = industrial complex.
* complejo recreativo = leisure complex.
* complejo recreativo-cultural = leisure-recreation-cultural complex.
* complejo recreativo y social = leisure centre.
* complejo residencial = housing development ; housing estate ; housing complex ; residential complex.
* complejo social = community complex.
* complejo vitamínico = vitamin complex.
(n.) = complex.
Nota: Desorden sicológico.
Ex: The Hapa was a community of people with complexes, be they egoistic or inferiority ones.
* complejo de Edipo, el = Oedipus conflict, the ; Oedipus complex, the.
* complejo de inferioridad = inferiority complex.
* complejo de superioridad = superiority complex.
(adj.) = complex ; intricate ; knotted.
Ex: Profiles will usually need to be more complex with free language searching as greater provision for the entry of documents under synonyms and related terms is necessary.
Ex: The terminology, much of it being either newly coined or adapted to suit the purpose at hand, is sometimes rather intricate.
Ex: Its intricately knotted narrative begins in 1900 with the sequence of events leading to Oscar Wilde's deathbed conversion.
* demasiado complejo = overcomplex.
* hacerse más complejo = grow in + complexity ; gain in + complexity.
* más complejo de lo que parece = more than meets the eye.

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