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buy, purchase; get; invest in


(v.) = buy ; purchase ; take over ; shop ; bribe ; grease + Posesivo + palm ; oil + Posesivo + palm ; call + Nombre + Posesivo + own ; snap up.
Ex: Discount charges are available by contracting to buy a predetermined number of connect hours per year.
Ex: This mode of publication permits special libraries to purchase relevant parts and facilitates revision at a later date.
Ex: Pergamon-INFOLINE came into being in its present form in 1980 when it was taken over by Pergamon.
Ex: Before shopping for a new computer, you should make a plan detailing what you can afford, what you expect to do with the computer, and how much the computer is worth to you.
Ex: Local officials can easily be bribed by foreign pharmaceutical laboratories.
Ex: The local bishop was under his thumb, our priest greased his palm well.
Ex: The judge has to be bribed and if you can't afford to 'oil his palm' your case will never reach court.
Ex: This 12-room penthouse of the newly renovated Mark Hotel is up for sale but it will cost you a princely sum to call it your own.
Ex: Music has notorious magpie tendencies, snapping up stylistic valuables wherever they may be found.
* comprar a ciegas = buy + a pig in a poke.
* comprar Algo = make + a purchase.
* comprar Algo hecho en serie = buy + off-the-shelf.
* comprar Algo ya hecho de antemano = buy + off-the-shelf.
* comprar al por mayor = buy in + bulk.
* comprar a plazos = buy in + instalments.
* comprar a plazos apartando el producto = lay away.
* comprar comparando productos = shop around ; shopping around.
* comprar directamente = buy + direct(ly).
* comprar en cantidad = stock up (on).
* comprar hasta caer muerto = shop 'til you drop.
* comprar hasta reventar = shop 'til you drop.
* comprar regularmente en una tienda = patronise + shop.
* comprarse = change + hands.
* comprar tiempo = buy + time.
* comprar un producto comercial = buy + off-the-shelf.
* darse el gusto de comprar = splurge on.
* novelas o libros que se compran en el supermercado = self-help.
* que se compra = priced.

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