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conceivable; understood, comprehended; included, incorporated
comprise, include; incorporate; comprehend, understand


* bien comprendido = well-understood.
* comprendido a medias = half-understood.
(v.) = comprehend ; gain + an understanding ; grasp ; have + some grasp ; understand ; achieve + understanding ; fathom ; sympathise [sympathize, -USA] ; see ; get + Posesivo + head around ; wrap + Posesivo + head around ; have + a handle on ; get + a handle on ; get + Posesivo + head around.
Ex: Thus, a predominant feature of such software packages is the user related interfaces, which permit a non-programmer to comprehend and interrogate the data stored.
Ex: Read the document with a view to gaining an understanding of its content and an appreciation of its scope.
Ex: She must try to convince him that no single individual, no matter how gifted, can any longer grasp the innumerable facets of modern corporate effort.
Ex: It is necessary to have some grasp of some fundamental aspects of computerized information-retrieval systems.
Ex: They assume only that the reader has some knowledge of the subject, so that the abstract can be understood.
Ex: From time to time it may be necessary to consult external references sources in order for the indexer to achieve a sufficient understanding of the document content for effective indexing.
Ex: As she ascended the staircase to the library director's office, she tried to fathom the reason for the imperious summons.
Ex: In World War 2 librarians generally sympathised with Britain, but many were isolationist or apathetic during the early years = En la Segunda Guerra Mundial los bibliotecarios generalmente simpatizaban con Gran Bretaña, aunque muchos mantuvieron una actitud no intervencionista o indiferente durante los primeros años.
Ex: I don't see why the smokers can't leave the building briefly when they want to smoke.
Ex: You are not quite sure how one man could get his head around this at the time, but he managed, in a masterful way.
Ex: Sleuthing is like second-nature to her, and she can't possibly wrap her head around the concept of renouncing it completely.
Ex: 'I sure wish I had a better handle on this contract language,' he said.
Ex: Children get a handle on personal responsibility by holding a library card of their own, a card that gives them access to new worlds.
Ex: This is a major learning curve for me and I think I'm just starting to get my head around it.
* a medio comprender = half-understood.
* ayudar a comprender mejor = offer + insights ; improve + understanding ; give + an insight into ; glean + insights ; provide + an insight into ; lend + understanding to.
* comprender bien = be clear in + Posesivo + mind.
* comprender mal = misunderstand.
* comprender mejor = gain + an insight into ; increase + Posesivo + understanding ; place + Nombre + in/into + perspective ; put into + perspective ; gain + a better understanding ; gain + a greater understanding ; gain + a better sense of ; get + a better sense of ; get + an insight into.
* comprender + Posesivo + propias acciones = understand + Posesivo + own actions.
* comprenderse bien = be well understood.
* comprender un punto de vista = take + point.
* difícil de comprender = difficult to understand.
* empezar a comprender = grow on/upon + Pronombre.
* fácil de comprender = easy to grasp.
* hacer comprender = bring + home.
* no comprender = be beyond + Pronombre.
* no puedo comprender = I can't get over.
(v.) = comprise (of) ; include ; overarch.
Ex: The first edition comprised basic classes analysed into facets, using the colon as the notational device for synthesis.
Ex: Document descriptions may be included in catalogues, bibliographies and other listings of documents.
Ex: This will provide a multi-disciplinary forum, where differences in methodologies, languages and techniques are overarched and hopefully overcome.

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