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compound, composite; composed, made up; integrated
compound; integration
compose, write; compound, combine; integrate; (Latin America) repair; reconcile
integrate; improve

compound, composite

composite , compound [chem.]


(v.) = make up ; compose ; make ; fall under.
Ex: Each volume is make up of several issues which appear in the next lower level.
Ex: There have never been any attempts to compose a bibliography of US government documents relating to international law.
Ex: This concept comes mainly from the military, where a designated number of troops make a squad, a platoon, a regiment, etc..
Ex: It is the type of compound that is of primary importance to researchers in chemistry, not the total sum of individual compounds that fall under it.
* componerse de = be composed of ; comprise (of) ; consist of ; make out of ; be made up of ; be made of ; be made from.
(v.) = fix.
Ex: There is always a need to fix manually the formatting of articles taken from an online service such as DIALOG.
* componerse = arrange + Reflexivo.
* componérselas = make + do.
(v.) = pen.
Ex: His career in composition produced some of the most idiomatic and popular short violin pieces ever penned.
* componer canciones = songwriting [song-writing].
(v.) = impose ; impose + type ; set ; set + type ; compose ; set in + type.
Ex: Although most London book houses owned galley presses for making slip proofs by the 1870, it appears that companionship bookwork was generally made up into pages and imposed before proofing until the mid 1880s.
Ex: The trouble lay in the difficulty of imposing type on a curved surface.
Ex: The clicker paid each man according to what he had set, keeping for himself a share equal to that of the most productive hand.
Ex: It was usual to set type in the way that has just been described, but the old printers were men, not abstractions, who had good days and bad ones.
Ex: Until the mid seventeenth century compositors generally sat to their work, but from then on it became more usual to compose standing up, an easier position for fast work.
Ex: Preparation and casting off completed, the copy was given out to individual compositors for setting in type.
* componer en + Tipo de Letra = set in + Tipo de Letra.
* componer tipográficamente = typeset.
* componer tipográficamente por ordenador = computer typeset.
* componer una página = set + page.
* máquina de componer en caliente = hot-metal composing machine ; hot-metal machine.
* maquina de componer en frío = cold-metal machine ; cold-metal composing machine.
* regla de componer = setting rule.
(n.) = agglomerate ; composite ; compound.
Nota: Nombre.
Ex: The latter plays an important role in that it is used as an anteriorizing symbol to give the notation for agglomerates.
Ex: The advanced materials studied were those composites based on ceramic, boron, and carbon fibres = Los materiales avanzados estudiados eran los compuestos de fibras de cerámica, boro y carbón.
Ex: Even more severe problems arise when we consider isomers: compounds containing the same atoms in each molecule, but differently arranged.
* compuesto de cobre = copper compound.
* compuesto de telurio = telluride.
* compuesto inorgánico = inorganic compound.
* compuesto metálico = metal compound.
* compuesto orgánico = organic compound.
* compuesto orgánico químico = organic chemical compound.
* compuesto químico = chemical compound.
(adj.) = composite ; compound ; aggregated.
Ex: The scheme is basically enumerative with simple and composite or compound subjects listed within each class.
Ex: Thus all simple and all compound or complex subjects are listed.
Ex: These numbers have no meaning or correlation to anything outside of the aggregated data file in which they appear.
* apellido compuesto = compound surname.
* catálogo de listado de ordenador compuesto tipográficamente = typeset computer book form catalogue.
* clave compuesta = acronym key.
* colocar como primer elemento de un encabezamiento compuesto = lead.
* compuesto de trozos = piecewise.
* compuesto de variables = piecewise.
* compuesto de varias palabras = multi-word.
* compuesto de varios países = multi-country [multicountry].
* concepto compuesto = multi-word concept.
* descriptor compuesto = multi-word descriptor.
* descriptor compuesto de varias palabras = multiple-word descriptor.
* documento compuesto = composite document ; compound document.
* encabezamiento compuesto = composite heading ; compound heading.
* encabezamiento compuesto de varias palabras = multi-word heading.
* estar compuesto de = be made up of ; be made of.
* índice de listado de ordenador compuesto tipográficamente = typeset computer book form index.
* institución compuesta de miembros = membership organisation.
* interés compuesto = compound interest.
* mantenerse compuesto = brazen out ; put on/up + a brave face ; put + a bold face on.
* materia compuesta = composite subject ; compound subject ; complex subject.
* nombre compuesto = double-barrelled name.
* nombre compuesto por varias palabras = multiple-word name.
* obra compuesta = composite work.
* página compuesta = made-up page.
* término compuesto = multi-word term.
* término compuesto de conceptos múltiples = multiple-concept term.
* termino inicial de un encabezamiento compuesto = lead term ; main heading.
(adj.) = composed ; collected.
Ex: 'I'll see, Bernice, if I can find something for you on what to do when you suspect someone is becoming an alcoholic,' she added trying to appear composed.
Ex: He grew up to be the calm one, always collected and making the 'right' decisions and wouldn't do anything reckless, unlike the others.
* compuesta y sin novio = all dressed up and nowhere/no place to go.
* mantenerse compuesto = keep + a stiff upper lip ; put on/up + a brave front.

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