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confound, confuse, bewilder; mix up

it confuses

(v.) = confound ; puzzle ; baffle ; perplex ; cloud ; muddle ; obfuscate ; snarl up ; nonplus ; obnubilate ; vex ; flummox.
Ex: To treat these reports differently only because some are serial and the others are monographic in form is to play havoc with the integrity of the catalog and to confound its users.
Ex: The repetition of the author's name introduces new esoteric punctuation which is bound to puzzle the catalog user.
Ex: As the domain expands, the problem of rule formalisation may even baffle a human expert.
Ex: If when you are working you come across a problem which perplexes you, you should write to someone in the field who may be able to help you.
Ex: Whilst library schools should continue to concentrate upon traditional priorities and the obsession with machines and techniques should not cloud those priorities.
Ex: But even when valid averages and unit costs are examined, Simpson's Paradox can arise to muddle expectations.
Ex: Just because the facts don't support his views, he threatens, slanders, lies, obfuscates and charges 'lies, hypocrisy and cruelty'.
Ex: If all goes as usual, it will snow approximately one inch and completely snarl up traffic until melted.
Ex: The spectacle in front of Bertie was enough to nonplus anyone -- Gussie in scarlet tights and a pretty frightful false beard.
Ex: Fourniret is a dangerous man obnubilated by the phantasm of virginity.
Ex: The gossip this weekend was that he has even been vexed by the problem of how to remove wild rabbits from the racing circuit before the Queen's visit.
Ex: While a lot of humans are quick to say they love dogs, there are just as many who feel totally flummoxed by their dog's behavior.
* confundir (con) = confuse (with).
* confundir las diferencias entre = blur + the boundaries between.
* confundir la situación = cloud + the view ; cloud + the picture.
* confundir la velocidad con el tocino = one thing + have + nothing to do with the other.
* confundir los límites entre = blur + the boundaries between.
* confundir los medios con el fin = confuse + the means with the ends.
* confundir los papeles = blur + roles.
* confundir + Nombre + por + Nombre = mistake + Nombre + for + Nombre.
* para confundir aun más las cosas = to add to the confusion.
* que confunde = confounding.

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