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motto; cloakroom; locker
dispatch, consign; record; state

left luggage

it consigns

(n.) = left-luggage area ; left-luggage.
Ex: In some libraries, shopping bags and briefcases must be deposited in lockers or a left-luggage area in the library foyer to prevent their use in smuggling out items which have not been issued.
Ex: However, as someone else said, people are pretty darn sensitive about terrorism, and the days of left-luggage may be over.
(n.) = countersign.
Ex: The countersign was given only to those who were permitted to visit and pass the line of sentinels at night.
(n.) = slogan.
Ex: Slogans, quotations and catch phrases may or may not be indexed under a controlled indexing language.
* gritar consignas = shout + slogans.
(v.) = consign ; remand.
Ex: Soon, if, as it is planned, freight charges are introduced for book cartons consigned within the State, this library service will be no more = Pronto dejará de existir este servicio bibliotecario si, como está planeado, se introducen gastos de transporte por las cajas de cartón con libros que se consignen dentro del estado.
Ex: In 2009 the court annulled the decision and remanded the case to the authority for further investigation.

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