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(Latin America) consumption; human consumption; consummation
consume, eat; use up; expend; shrivel




(n.) = consumption ; intake.
Ex: The screen display formats required by cataloguing staff may be not at all suitable for public consumption.
Ex: The conclusion drawn is that the intake of gingseng improves the capacity for physical work.
* apto para el consumo humano = fit for human consumption.
* artículo de consumo = commodity ; consumer commodity.
* bajo consumo = low power consumption.
* bien de consumo = trade product ; economic good.
* bienes de consumo = consumer goods.
* bienes de consumo duraderos = consumer durables.
* consumo de alcohol = alcohol consumption.
* consumo de bebidas = drink consumption.
* consumo de bebidas alcohólicas = underage drinking ; drinking ; boozing.
* consumo de café = coffee consumption.
* consumo de calorías = calorific input ; calorific consumption.
* consumo de carburante = fuel consumption ; petrol consumption.
* consumo de combustible = fuel consumption.
* consumo de drogas = drug use.
* consumo de gasolina = petrol consumption.
* consumo de información = consumption of information.
* consumo diario = daily intake.
* consumo diario recomendado = recommended daily intake.
* consumo energético = energy use ; energy consumption.
* consumo excesivo de = greed for.
* consumo humano = human consumption.
* consumo innecesario de = drain on.
* convertir Algo en un artículo de consumo = commodify.
* cooperativa de consumo = food co-op.
* cultura de consumo = consumer culture.
* de bajo consumo = low energy.
* de consumo = consumptive.
* edición de obras de consumo = consumer publishing.
* eficacia de consumo de combustible = fuel efficiency.
* envenenamiento por consumo de setas = mushroom poisoning.
* hábito de consumo = shopping habit ; buying habit ; purchasing habit ; consumption habit.
* hábito de consumo de alcohol = drinking practice ; drinking habit.
* impuesto sobre artículos de uso y consumo = excise tax.
* índice de precios al consumo = cost of living index.
* Indice de Precios al Consumo (IPC) = consumer price index (CPI) ; Retail Price Index (RPI).
* información como artículo de consumo, la = information commodity.
* información de precios de productos para el consumo = retail prices.
* listo para el consumo = ready-to-eat.
* Ministerio Americano de Sanidad y Consumo = Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
* no apto para el consumo humano = unfit for human consumption.
* para consumo humano = for human consumption.
* producto de consumo = consumable ; consumer product ; convenience product.
* prueba de detección de consumo de drogas = drug testing.
* relacionado con el consumo de bebidas alcohólicas = drink-related.
* sociedad de consumo = consumer society ; affluent society.
* venta para consumo dentro del establecimiento = on-trade sale.
* venta para consumo fuera del establecimiento = off-trade sale.
(v.) = consummate ; carry out ; complete.
Ex: Instead of struggling alone, locked in our inadequacy with words, we couple with the writer in an act of verbal creation in which communication is consummated.
Ex: The search will be carried out in Dialog's file 13, INSPEC 1977-84 (issue 6) at the time of searching.
Ex: A summary at the end of a document is intended to complete the orientation of the reader, and to identify the significant ideas for the reader to remember.
* consumar el matrimonio = consummate + Posesivo + marriage.
* consumar un atentado = carry out + an attack.
* consumar un delito = carry out + a crime.
(v.) = expend ; eat up ; swallow up ; use up ; put away ; eat into ; consume ; eat ; burn.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado y participio burnt/burned.
Ex: Command of various techniques for forecasting payments and managing funds is necessary to expend fully without overspending the annual materials budget.
Ex: The importance of staff atitude is emphasized because the outreach effort has little chance of success without commitment -- it eats up time, energy, enthusiasm and imagination at a rapid rate.
Ex: The growing complexity of computing environments requires creative solutions to prevent the gain in productivity promised by computing advances from being swallowed up by the necessity of moving information from one environment to another.
Ex: Plug-in programs have grown widely, they add functionality to a WWW browser but also use up drive storage space or conflict with other types of programs.
Ex: He put away twice as much wine as usual and it went to his head, so he stretched out on his bed for a nap.
Ex: When your customers are slow to pay, it forces you to eat into your cash reserves to pay for raw goods and salaries.
Ex: Consuming large amounts of coconut oil can turn out harmful for health, suggest experts.
Ex: Even the fearsome shark knows enough not to drive away the pilot fish while it eats, nor does it make a meal of the pilot fish when food is scarce.
Ex: In Italy, Mussoline was burning books and suppressing libraries with appalling regularity.
* arder hasta consumirse = burn + Reflexivo + out.
* consumir con moderación = consume + Nombre + in moderation.
* consumir drogas = do + drugs.
* consumir energía = consume + energy ; take up + energy.
* consumir en grandes cantidades = guzzle.
* consumir esfuerzo = take up + energy.
* consumir la impaciencia = chafe at + the bit ; champ at + the bit ; chomp at + the bit.
* consumir + Posesivo + tiempo = swallow up + Posesivo + time.
* consumir rápidamente = devour.
* consumirse ardiendo = burn + Reflexivo + out.
* que consume mucha energía = power-hungry.
* que consume tiempo = time-consuming [time consuming].
* ritual en el que se consumen alucinógenos = mushroom ritual.
* sin consumir = nonconsumptive.
(v.) = consume.
Ex: Her eyes were dry and her head bleary from spending all week totally consumed with work.
* consumir a uno un sentimiento de + Nombre = be consumed by + a feeling of + Nombre.
* consumir poco a poco = eat away at.

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