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accounting; accountancy



(n.) = accounting ; fund accounting ; book-keeping [bookkeeping] ; accountancy ; booking record ; financial control.
Ex: Also available is a cross data base for multifile searching (BRS/CROSS), online accounting, private data bases services and an online catalogue service.
Ex: The resulting organisational changes are discussed, as well as workflow adjustments from preorder searching and ordering to receiving and fund accounting.
Ex: This article discusses the evolution of the standardisation of book-keeping from 1922.
Ex: This article provides a profile of Albert Mullis, his training in accountancy and librarianship, posts he has held and contribution to librarianship.
Ex: Many libraries may also be involved in maintaining booking records of one type or another: in college libraries these often relate to instructional films hired during term.
Ex: These integrated systems use a single software architecture to manage the core processes of libraries including cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, and financial control.
* análisis de contabilidad = financial analysis.
* contabilidad de costes = cost accounting.
* contabilidad de costos = cost accounting.
* contabilidad de valores devengados = accrual accounting.
* contabilidad por partida doble = double-entry book-keeping.
* departamento de contabilidad = accounting department ; accounting office.
* empresa de contabilidad = accounting firm.
* libro de contabilidad = ledger.
* libro de contabilidad general = general ledger.
* registro de contabilidad = financial record.
* sistema de contabilidad = accounting system.

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