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continue, last; keep on, carry on; pursue; sustain; remain; resume

continue, hold, last

to continue

(v.) = continue ; go on ; linger on ; move on ; persevere ; persist ; wrap ; keep + going ; proceed ; push on ; press on ; recommence ; run over ; move forward ; hang on ; carry forward ; carry on ; go ahead ; carry through ; soldier on ; keep up ; roll on ; take it from here ; linger ; follow on ; go on for ; hang around ; stay on + track ; keep on + track.
Ex: Thus our catalogs will continue to fail our readers until reconstructed on the basis of the AACR, which has remedied the situation by providing for the consistent use of uniform titles wherever required.
Ex: Several members of the group raised polite brows and implored him to go on.
Ex: The song may be forgotten but among library users the sentiment lingers on.
Ex: While being off work he decided that he wanted to move on and resigned from the post.
Ex: It would be uneconomic and foolish to persevere with human assignment of controlled-language terms.
Ex: Nevertheless, it cannot yet be said that all cataloguing is conducted with the use of a computer, and even some major library systems persist with manual cataloguing practices.
Ex: If the width of the report exceeds the line width of your printer, the information will wrap to the next line.
Ex: This article presents ideas which will help the librarian to keep going in the face of budget cuts.
Ex: Before we proceed to look at the operators in detail, a couple of examples may help to make the layout clearer.
Ex: I think we'd better push on to the next topic.
Ex: Hoping the gentler tone and the more relaxed manner meant that her anger was abating, the young man pressed on less apprehensively.
Ex: 'Well,' recommenced the young librarian, buoyed up by the director's interest, 'I believe that everybody is a good employee until they prove differently to me'.
Ex: An initiative for environmental education which will run over the next few years focuses on Victoria region by region.
Ex: This article argues the need to move forward with the infotech culture without abandoning the service culture.
Ex: In libraries, this life cycle may be interrupted because of staff reluctance to part with traditional services, and products may hang on long past the point of real effectiveness.
Ex: In order to carry forward the Chinese cultural heritage it is necessary to research the ancient books.
Ex: If a child detects that no very strong value is placed on reading then he feels no compulsion to develop his own reading skill beyond the minimal, functional level we all need simply to carry on our daily lives in our print-dominated society.
Ex: A plan for the construction and implementation phases will be drawn up, if it is decided to go ahead = Si se decide continuar, se elaborará un plan para las fases de construcción y puesta en práctica .
Ex: Any changes will produce a readjustment of text which will carry through to the end of the text.
Ex: Russell soldiered on in 'Principles of Mathematics', he pleaded a distinction between analysis by way of philosophical definitions and analysis by way of mathematical definitions.
Ex: He was told to 'keep up whatever it is he was doing' because he was doing great!.
Ex: But to make matters worse, and as the drought rolls on, it is very likely that it won't rain again until October or November.
Ex: I had intended to walk him to his classroom, but before I could follow him through the double doors, he said, 'I can take it from here, Papa'.
Ex: He lingered round the bookstall looking at the books and papers till a pert girl behind the counter asked him if he wouldn't like a chair.
Ex: If parents are eating unhealthily the pattern is likely to be followed on by the children.
Ex: House prices are soaring by more than 20 per cent a year in many areas -- and the boom could go on for 20 years.
Ex: Despite the dubiousness of this source, the idea has hung around in ufology for over 50 years.
Ex: He shares his tips and tricks to make sure you stay on track with your weight loss goals during the holiday season.
Ex: Continue to keep these tips in your mind to be sure that your holiday will keep on track.
* batalla + continuar = battle + rage.
* continuando con la línea de = in the vein of.
* continuar adelante = keep on + going.
* continuar al frente = continue ahead.
* continuar al lado de = stand by.
* continuar así = keep + it up ; keep up (with) + the good work ; keep up (with) + the great work.
* continuar a trancas y barrancas = bash on.
* continuar avanzando = press on.
* continuar como antes = go on + as before.
* continuar (con) = go ahead with ; proceed to ; pursue ; pursue + Nombre + further ; stick to ; build on/upon ; go on with ; maintain + continuity ; maintain + momentum ; stick with ; stick at ; hang on to ; keep on with ; follow on from ; get on with ; push forward (with) ; push through (with).
* continuar con Algo = take + Nombre + further.
* continuar con el buen hacer = keep up (with) + the good work ; keep up (with) + the great work.
* continuar con la lectura de = carry on through.
* continuar con + Nombre + en = carry + Nombre + forward into.
* continuar diciendo = go on.
* continuar en = overflow on.
* continuar en esta dirección = proceed + along this way.
* continuar enviando + Nombre = keep + Nombre + coming.
* continuar + Gerundio = go on + Gerundio ; keep + Gerundio ; keep on + Gerundio.
* continuar hacia adelante = continue ahead.
* continuar haciendo Algo = get on with + Nombre.
* continuar hasta acabar = see + Nombre + to the end ; see + Nombre + out.
* continuar hasta completar = see + Nombre + to the end ; see + Nombre + out.
* continuar hasta finalizar = see + Nombre + to the end ; see + Nombre + out.
* continuar implacablemente = march on.
* continuar inexorablemente = march on.
* continuar irreconciliable con = remain + unreconciled to.
* continuar junto a = stick by + Posesivo + side.
* continuar la labor de otros = stand on + the shoulders of giants ; stand on + the shoulders of giants ; stand on + the shoulders of giants.
* continuar leyendo = read on.
* continuar manteniendo = hang on to.
* continuar opuesto a = remain + unreconciled to.
* continuar + Posesivo camino = continue on + Posesivo + way.
* continuar realizando una actividad = keep + going.
* continuar siendo = remain.
* continuar siendo importante = remain + big.
* continuar sin agraciarse con = remain + unreconciled to.
* continuar sin detenerse = go + straight ahead.
* continuar sin reconciliarse son = remain + unreconciled to.
* continuar todo recto = continue ahead.
* continuar tratando = pursue + Nombre + further.
* continuar viviendo = live on.
* continuar vivo = live on.
* disputa + continuar = dispute + rage.
* esperar continuar = look to + continue.
* estar decidido a continuar = be set to continue.
* la vida continúa = the show must go on.
* la vida + continuar = life + go on.
* polémica + continuar = controversy + rage ; argument + rage.
* todo continúa como antes = life goes on as before.

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