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password; shibboleth

countersign, watchword, password

(n.) = password ; countermark ; countersign ; passcode.
Ex: Once a user is registered, a password will be issued which provides access to all or most of the data bases offered by the host as and when the user wishes.
Ex: The countermark, which was commonly placed near one of the corners of the mould, usually took the form of the maker's name or initials, the date (of the mould, of course, not necessarily of the paper made in it), and occasionally the vat number.
Ex: The countersign was given only to those who were permitted to visit and pass the line of sentinels at night.
Ex: If the phone gives a loud pip, it requires you to dial your passcode.
* acceso mediante contraseña = password access.
* programa para descifrar contraseñas = password cracking programme.
* protección mediante contraseña = password protection.

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