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convince, persuade; satisfy
talk into; make sure


(adj.) = resolute ; convinced.
Ex: The work on gaining acceptance for disabled people in the 1980s is to become more resolute in the 1990s in the name of social justice.
Ex: Churchill, Britain's mythological war-hero, was a convinced believer in Moses and the Exodus from Egypt.
* actuar convencido de que = operate under + the impression that.
* convencido (de) = confident (in).
* convencido de (que) = in the belief that/of.
* estar completamente convencido de = be all for.
* estar convencido de = be sold on.
* estar convencido de que = harbour + the belief that ; be convinced that.
* estar firmemente convencido = strongly held opinion.
* estar totalmente convencido de = be all for.
* nada convencido = unimpressed.
* no estar convencido = be dubious.
* poco convencido = unconvinced.
(v.) = convince ; persuade ; sell + an idea ; sell + a notion ; win over ; coax ; speak + sense into ; talk + sense into ; rope in ; cajole.
Ex: I am convinced, from my experience in an undergraduate library, that subject cataloging is as important as descriptive, and that all library users are serious library users.
Ex: Teachers of other subjects should also be drawn in to persuade their pupils that life-long use of libraries would also contribute to the country's scientific and technological advancement.
Ex: The author outlines some methods of selling to adolescent pupils the idea of reading fiction for fun.
Ex: We are having to undertake a programme of effectively selling the notion to various schools within the university, to ensure some acceptance of ejournals when they duly arrive.
Ex: It is the latest incentive being offered to attract the Web user and win over their loyalty of custom.
Ex: Quite clearly there could be no hope of coaxing such a variety of users into a uniform behaviour pattern.
Ex: And the news coverage of the girl named Katrina Kivi, who'd risked her neck to speak sense into a crowd of angry students, had just begun.
Ex: You cannot talk sense into someone who is willing to do that to you.
Ex: How this matron got roped in I don't know but she agreed to work a late shift.
Ex: After some cajoling, Summer agreed to record a demo of the song.
* convencer a Alguien = prevail on/upon + Alguien.
* convencer a Alguien de que haga Algo = talk + Nombre + into ; put up to it.
* convencer de que cambie de opinión = talk + Nombre + down.
* convencerse = come (a)round.
* convencerse de no Hacer = talk + Reflexivo + out of.
* convencerse de renunciar a = talk + Reflexivo + out of ; talk + Reflexivo + out of.
* convencer una idea = be keen on + an idea ; be sold on + an idea.
* estar convencido = there + be + strong feeling.
* estar convencido de la idea de que = be committed to the idea that.
* estar muy convencido de = have + strong feelings about.
* insistir hasta convencer = wear + Alguien + down.
* intentar convencer = work on + Persona.

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