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conversation, talk; parley

conversation, talk colloquy, conversation


(n.) = conversation ; converse ; discourse ; verbal transaction ; natter ; yack.
Ex: He reflected along the way on the conversation with the head of readers' services, and smiled when he concluded that Balzac's biorhythm chart must have been peaking at that very moment -- or so he hoped.
Ex: As children we learn in converse with our parents the significance of a sigh, or a firmly closed mouth, or fidgeting hands, or raised eyebrows.
Ex: In many discourses 'policy making' and 'decision making' are synonymous terms.
Ex: It is not uncommon for a verbal transaction to present one message while nonverbal cues are communicating quite a different message.
Ex: A circle of knitters who meet for a natter have ended up netting a massive £4973 for charity.
Ex: However the unfairness of it does not escape my granddaughter who brings the subject up every time we get together for a yack.
* comenzar una conversación = initiate + a conversation.
* contribuir en una conversación = chime in.
* conversación de alcoba = pillow talk.
* conversación de trabajo = shop talk.
* conversación en línea = online chat.
* conversación entre especialistas = scholarly discourse.
* conversaciones de paz = peace talks.
* conversación íntima = pillow talk.
* conversación íntima entre dos personas = tête-à-tête.
* conversación privada = confidential conversation ; private conversation.
* conversación sin trascendencia = small-talk.
* conversación social = social conversation.
* conversación telefónica múltiple = telephone conferencing.
* de mantener una conversación = conversational.
* empezar una conversación = initiate + a conversation.
* encadenamiento de conversación = threading.
* en medio de una conversación = in the middle of a conversation.
* en mitad de una conversación = in the middle of a conversation.
* entablar conversación = strike up + conversation.
* entablar una conversación = engage in + dialogue.
* iniciar una conversación = initiate + a conversation.
* intercambio de conversación = conversation exchange ; language exchange.
* mantener una conversación = hold + a conversation ; sustain + a conversation ; keep + a conversation going.
* mencionarse en una conversación = come up + in a discussion.
* motivo de conversación = conversation starter ; icebreaker.
* motivo para empezar una conversación = conversation starter ; icebreaker.
* participar en una conversación = join + a conversation.
* relativo a la conversación = conversationally.
* seguir la conversación = follow + the thread.
* sostener una conversación = sustain + a conversation ; hold + a conversation.
* tema de conversación = talking point.
* tener una conversación íntima con = have + a heart-to-heart with.
* toma de turnos en la conversación = turn-taking [turntaking].
* unirse a una conversación = chime in ; join + a conversation.

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