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conversion; wheel



(n.) = conversion ; remaking [re-making] ; rendering.
Ex: The LC has also participated in two co-operative programs for the conversion of printed record to machine-readable form.
Ex: The article 'The remaking of librarians in the knowledge era' details some of the efforts made to 'remake' the collection, advertise library services and rebuild membership.
Ex: It is proposed that a dictionary of personal proper names be compiled as a way to reach uniformity in the rendering of foreign personal names into Russian Cyrillic and back into the Latin alphabet.
* conversión al sistema decimal = decimalisation [decimalization, -USA].
* conversión al sistema métrico = metrication.
* conversión de códigos = transcoding.
* conversión de información = data conversion.
* conversión de la energía = energy conversion.
* conversión de texto a voz = text-to-speech conversion.
* conversión en dinero = monetisation [monetization, -USA].
* conversión energética = energy conversion.
* conversión en valor monetario = monetisation [monetization, -USA].
* conversión parcial = superimposition.
* conversión retrospectiva de catálogos = retrospective catalogue conversion.
* conversión retrospectiva (recon) = retrospective conversion (recon).
* conversión total = desuperimposition.
* lenguaje de conversión = switching language.
* proyecto de conversión = conversion project.
* sistema de conversión de texto a voz = text-to-speech system.

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