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correction, amendment; adjustment; corrigendum; propriety, decorum

correction, editing


(n.) = amending ; amendment ; correction ; correctness ; emendation ; correctiveness ; propriety ; rectification.
Ex: Store permits the processing of the information that it contains, but, after processing, the data in the store differs from the initial content (for example, in the editing and amending of catalogue records).
Ex: The headings consequently correspond to current American usage in both use of terms and spelling and often need amendment to make them consistent with local usage.
Ex: Almost all papers, notes, reviews, corrections and correspondence published in many scientific and other journals contain citations to associated works.
Ex: Only entries without cross-references and notes may be changed because the system cannot judge the correctness of the cross-references and notes for the changed entry.
Ex: His largest group of intentional alterations consisted of 27 relatively minor emendations, mostly wrong-headed.
Ex: Exuberance and enthusiasm are proper to the young, as Quintillian remarked: 'The young should be daring and inventive and should rejoice in their inventions, even though correctiveness and severity are still to be acquired'.
Ex: Dissatisfaction is being expressed with the public library's feminised world of propriety and respectability.
Ex: The advantages of viewing stock verification as stock rectification are discussed.
* corrección automática = machine-editing.
* corrección de pruebas = proofreading ; proof correction.
* correcciones de autor = author's corrections.
* corrección formal = elements of due process ; due process ; procedural justice.
* corrección ortográfica = spell checking.
* corrección política = political correctness.
* departamento de corrección de menores = department of corrections.
* función de corrección = editing function.
* programa de corrección ortográfica = spelling correction program.
* programa informático de correción ortográfica = computer spell-check programme.

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