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cut; slice; court; retinue; circumcision; outage; failure; break; haircut; paring; notch; incision; edge; section
cut; hack; chop; slice; lop; prune; nip; mow; clip; exscind; fell





(v.) = cut off ; crop ; trim ; slash ; chop off ; clip ; dam (up) ; sever ; intersect ; chop down ; shut off ; chop up ; cut down ; fell ; shear ; trim off ; cut + Nombre + up ; split ; shear off ; snip ; hew ; cut up into + strips ; cut ; chop ; pare ; dock ; slit.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado y participio slit.
Ex: The spine folds of the assembled sheets were simply cut off, separating all the leaves, which were then attached to each other and to a backing strip by a coating of rubber solution, and cased in the ordinary way.
Ex: In addition, many of photographs are badly cropped, with the tops of heads, towers, and artworks lopped off.
Ex: The edges of the leaves may have been trimmed smooth by the binder, or left rough (uncut).
Ex: Finally, a few copies of an edition seem generally to have slipped through with their cancellanda uncancelled, so that examples of the original settings may sometimes be found (occasionally slashed by the warehouse keeper's shears, deliberate defacement which escaped notice).
Ex: Others chop off old records to remain within the limits of 680 MB.
Ex: Some libraries frequently subscribe to specific newspapers in duplicate in order to clip articles and illustrations of interest for particular subject files.
Ex: But to prevent any meandering at all, or to dam the flow of talk too soon and too often by intruding, generally only frustrates spontaneity = Aunque evitar cualquier divagación o cortar el flujo de la conversación demasiado pronto y con demasiada frecuencia con interrupciones generalmente sólo coarta la espontaneidad.
Ex: This art is is mass produced, often mechanically, and thus severed from tradition.
Ex: Contingency plans can be devised to intersect at several points on this time continuum.
Ex: Microform catalogs take up less room and are more sound ecologically since you don't have to chop down half of Canada everytime you make a large catalog = Los catálogos de microformas ocupan menos espacio y son más acertados desde un punto de vista ecológico ya que no tienes que talar la mitad de Canadá cada vez que hagas un catálogo grande.
Ex: Advanced design sprinklers shut off water when the fire is out, reducing the risk of water damage.
Ex: The writer bemoans record studios' tendency to chop up and fiddle with opera performances.
Ex: A subsequent owner cut down most of the surrounding woodland and the garden was largely lost.
Ex: In this study, thirty-four-year-old chestnut trees were felled, measured and weighed to evaluate their aboveground biomass.
Ex: All the activity on a sheep station was directed to one end: shearing the sheep and sending the wool away to the city.
Ex: If you repeatedly deadhead - trim off the spent flowers - the plant goes into overdrive.
Ex: They tortured her into revealing her Pin number and safe code before cutting her up and disposing of her in bin liners.
Ex: In the mechanised paper fibre process individual pages are soaked and split so that acid-free paper can be put between the two layers.
Ex: Working at the lumberyard pushing a tree through the buzz saw he accidentally sheared off all ten of his fingers.
Ex: It's perfect for dead heading dense flowering plant without accidentally snipping the neighboring blooms.
Ex: Oak was shaped by splitting with wooden wedges, and by hewing with axes or adzes.
Ex: Cut up the leftovers into strips, stick on skewers and finish quickly on the grill.
Ex: Collect the seed heads when they are turning brown by cutting them from the plants and drying them on a tray made of very fine wire mesh.
Ex: This chopping knife is ideal for chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables, meat, herbs and other ingredients.
Ex: Cut the pineapple, after paring it, into small squares; make a syrup of the sugar, vinegar, and spices, and pour it over the pineaple while boiling hot.
Ex: Whoever told you about the fine has got their facts wrong, there is no such thing as a fine for docking your dog's tail.
Ex: I want a sword to slit her end to end and then dice her body into small pieces and leave the bloodied, quivering remains on her front lawn.
* abrir cortando = lance ; cut open.
* ¡corta el rollo! = put a sock in it!.
* cortar Algo = snip + Nombre + off.
* cortar Algo como si fuera mantequilla = cut through + Nombre + like a (hot) knife through butter.
* cortar Algo de raíz = nip + Nombre + in the bud.
* cortar a tajos = hack.
* cortar con barricadas = barricade.
* cortar con el problema de raíz = nip + the problem in the bud.
* cortar con motoguadaña = strim.
* cortar con tijeras = snip.
* cortar con una sierra = saw.
* cortar el agua = cut off + the water.
* cortar el bacalao = call + the shots ; be the boss ; call + the tune ; rule + the roost.
* cortar el césped = mow + the lawn ; mow.
* cortar el cordón umbilical = cut off + the umbilical cord.
* cortar el cuello = slit + Posesivo + throat.
* cortar el pescuezo = slit + Posesivo + throat.
* cortar el rollo = cut to + the chase ; cut + the crap ; cut + the bullshit ; cut through + the noise.
* cortar en filetes = fillet.
* cortar en lonchas = slice ; cut into + slices.
* cortar en pedacitos = cut up into + small pieces.
* cortar en pedazos = cut + Nombre + up.
* cortar en rebanadas = slice ; cut into + slices.
* cortar en rebanaditas = sliver.
* cortar en rodajas = slice ; cut into + slices.
* cortar en rodajitas = sliver.
* cortar en seco = kill + Nombre + stone dead.
* cortar en tajos = hack.
* cortar en tiras = shred ; cut up into + strips.
* cortar en trocitos = dice ; dice + Nombre + into small pieces.
* cortar en trozos = cut + Nombre + up.
* cortar la cabeza = behead ; decapitate.
* cortar la hierba = mow.
* cortar las flores marchitas = deadhead.
* cortarle las alas a Alguien = clip + Posesivo + wings.
* cortarle los vuelos a Alguien = clip + Posesivo + wings.
* cortar llegando al hueso = cut to + the bone.
* cortar metal = shear.
* cortar perpendicularmente a la veta de crecimiento = cut + across the grain.
* cortar por = cut across.
* cortar por la mitad = cut + Nombre + in half.
* cortar por lo sano = cut + Gordian knot ; cut + Posesivo + losses.
* cortar radicalmente con = make + a clean break with.
* cortarse = nick + Reflexivo ; curdle.
* cortarse como la mantequilla = cut like + butter.
* cortarse el pelo = have + Posesivo + hair cut.
* cortarse las venas = slash + Posesivo + wrists ; slit + Posesivo + wrists.
* cortar un nudo gordiano = cut + Gordian knot.
* cortar y pegar = cut-and-paste.
* cortar y secar = cut and dry.
* hacer un frío que corta la cara = there + be + a nip in the air.
* máquina de cortar en rebanadas = slicer.
* maquinilla de cortar el pelo = hair clippers.
* separar cortando = cut apart.
* sin cortar = uncut.
* tabla de cortar = chopping board.
* tener tela que cortar = have + a lot on + Posesivo + plate ; have + Posesivo + hands full.
* utensilio para cortar = cutting tool.
(n.) = severance ; cut ; cut off [cutoff] ; break ; slit ; snip ; nick ; clipping.
Ex: Examples can be found where exchange of publications remains as the only form of contact after severance of diplomatic and trade relations = Se pueden encontrar ejemplos donde el intercambio de publicaciones permanece como la única dorma de contacto tras la separación de las relaciones diplomáticas y comerciales.
Ex: The best concentration of PVA solutions for restoring is 8 per cent for mending tears and suturing cuts.
Ex: It is assumed that the sum of those units receiving top priority status is less than the current budgeted amount and that a cut off will occur at some point.
Ex: In terms of the reference process a break in the chain has occurred between the information need and the initial question.
Ex: To make room for your puppet's mouth, make a slit in the sock between your thumb and fingers.
Ex: With a snip here and a snip there, it's easy to turn a plant into a living sculpture.
Ex: The table was purchased a year and a half ago as a conference table and has a few nicks and scratches but still looks good.
Ex: The interlacing of twigs into wickerwork is in all probability contemporary with first clipping of flint into arrow-heads.
* alicates de corte = wire cutters.
* corte de agua = water cut.
* corte de pelo = hair cut ; hairstyle.
* corte de voz = voice insert.
* corte temporal = time period.
* corte transversal = cross-section [cross section] ; sectional cutting.
* corte y confección = tailoring.
* de corte + Adjetivo = of a + Adjetivo + nature.
* de corte bajo = low-cut.
* hacer un corte de mangas = give + Alguien + the (middle) finger ; flip + Alguien + the bird ; flip + Alguien + off.
* margen del corte = outer margin.
(n.) = outage ; power shutdown.
Ex: The ARPAnet was an experimental network designed to support military research -- in particular, research about how to build networks that could withstand partial outages (like bomb attacks) and still function.
Ex: A reminder that the library is closed all day this Saturday due to a power shutdown in the building.
* corte de agua = water outage.
* corte de corriente = power cut ; power failure ; electricity cut ; power outage ; electricity outage.
* corte de la corriente eléctrica = power failure ; power cut ; electricity cut ; power outage ; electricity outage.
* corte de luz = power outage ; power failure ; outage ; disruption in the flow of electricity ; power cut ; electricity cut ; electricity outage.
* corte de suministro = power shutdown.
* corte en el fluido eléctrico = power cut ; power failure ; electricity cut ; power outage ; electricity outage.
(n.) = court.
Ex: The protagonist experiences a jarring descent from the heights of literary distinction at court to the coarseness of common experience.
* bufón de la corte = court jester.
* dar corte = self-conscious ; feel + shy.

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