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consuetude, custom having legal authority; custom, habit, convention; institution

custom, habit, way


(n.) = custom ; habit ; use ; wont ; practice ; ritual.
Ex: If we don't understand these customs and traditions we shall misunderstand books of that particular period.
Ex: This feature, portability, can be a mixed blessing-things which can be moved have a habit of disappearing.
Ex: This paper discusses factors which led to the need to reexamine the use of UK dealers, the major difference between UK and US dealers being their variance in pricing policies.
Ex: He had greeted her courteously, as was his wont, and had inquired if she minded his smoking; she told him to go ahead and slid over an ashtray.
Ex: This practice ensures that a later match can be achieved between the document and its description.
Ex: For example, a textbook on 'Social anthropology' will contain information on a large number of concepts such as social structure, kinship, marriage, ritual, etc.
* animal de costumbres = creature of habit.
* buenas costumbres = propriety ; decorum.
* como de costumbre = as usual ; as always ; according to normal practice ; true to form ; as per usual ; true to pattern.
* consagrado por la costumbre = sanctified by custom.
* consagrado por la costumbre y la tradición = sanctified by custom and tradition.
* convertirse en la costumbre = become + the custom.
* costumbre cada vez más frecuente = growing practice.
* costumbre popular = folkway.
* costumbres = mores.
* costumbres relajadas = loose morals.
* costumbres y convenciones = mores.
* costumbre tradicional = traditional custom.
* debido a la costumbre = inertial.
* de costumbre = usual ; usually.
* desacatar las costumbres = flout + convention.
* fuerza de la costumbre, la = force of habit.
* las viejas costumbres no se pierden fácilmente = old habits die hard.
* las viejas costumbres son difíciles de erradicar = old habits die hard.
* perder la costumbre de = get out of + the habit of.
* por la fuerza de la costumbre = by force of habit ; out of habit ; from force of habit ; through force of habit.
* Posesivo + viejas costumbres = Posesivo + old ways.
* según la costumbre = according to normal practice.
* según la(s) costumbre(s) = according to custom.
* ser costumbre = be customary.
* ser la costumbre = be customary ; become + the custom.
* tan + Adjetivo + como de costumbre = as + Adjetivo + as ever.
* tener la costumbre de = have + a habit of ; have + the habit of.
* tener la costumbre de + Infinitivo = be in the habit of + Gerundio.
* tener por costumbre + Infinitivo = be in the habit of + Gerundio.
* usos y costumbres = customs and habits.
* vieja costumbre = old habit.
* viejas costumbres nunca desaparecen, las = old ways never die, the.
(n.) = mores.
Ex: These reasons speak to the duties and enduring mores of the professoriate.

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