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raw, green; crude

(n.) = petroleum ; crude oil.
Ex: Several of the exclusive data bases cover petroleum and fossil fuels.
Ex: In any case the great petrol tankers cannot reach Antwerp, whence the need to lay oil pipelines from Rotterdam to improve the supplying of crude oil to the refineries.
* bidón de crudo = oil drum.
(adj.) = raw ; uncooked.
Ex: Vegetable fibres in their raw state contain the necessary strands of cellulose which can be converted into paper.
Ex: That is the major drawback to rawism, the diet trend that promotes the consumption of uncooked food.
* alimentos crudos = raw food.
* carne cruda = raw meat.
(adj.) = crude .
Ex: Some unfortunate children grow up as readers of James Bond, of dashing thrillers and the blood-and-guts of crude war stories.
* cruda realidad, la = stark reality, the.
* cruda verdad, la = bald truth, the.
* en lo más crudo del invierno = in the dead of winter.
* tenerlo crudo = not be easy.

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