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(n.) = folded sheets ; book.
Ex: The cords themselves could be placed either outside the backs of the folded sheets, where they would show as raised bands across the spine of the book, or in slots sawn into the folds to give the book a flat back.
Ex: The books were then collated to ensure that each was made up correctly, and they were finally folded in half, pressed, and baled up for delivery or storage = A continuación, los cuardenillos se juntaban con objeto de cada libro estuviese completo y, finalmente, se doblaban por la mitad, se presionaban y se embalaban para su envío o almacenamiento.
* aguja para coser cuadernillos = stabbing needle.
* cuadernillos = assembled sheets.
* en cuadernillo = in booklet form.

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