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body, carcass, corpse; main part; bones; length; corps, specialized military unit; outfit; bodice, corsage




(n.) = body ; body ; type size ; body-size ; corps ; shank ; cadaver ; soma.
Ex: But when he speaks to me he always scans my body and stares at my breasts.
Ex: Cartographic materials are, according to AACR2, all the materials that represent, in whole or in part, the earth or any celestial body.
Ex: Using golf-ball or daisy-wheel typewriters a good range of typefaces can be used on the same page; different type sizes can also be used.
Ex: A fount of type was a set of letters and other symbols in which each was supplied in approximate proportion to its frequency of use, all being of one body-size and design.
Ex: Quality abstracting services take pride in their corps of abstractors.
Ex: Another device was to make matrices for accented sorts with the punches already used for unaccented sorts: the letter punch was stepped on its shank so that one of several accent punches could be bound on to the step to make a combined punch.
Ex: Rather than bringing in butchers to do the handiwork of his dissections, Vesalius himself worked on the human cadavers and said that students of medicine should do the same.
Ex: Pyramidal neurons, also known as pyramidal cells, are neurons with a pyramidal-shaped cell body (soma) and two distinct dendritic trees.
* a cuerpo de rey = the lap of luxury ; the lap of comfort.
* combate cuerpo a cuerpo = hand-to-hand combat.
* combatir cuerpo a cuerpo = combat + hand to hand.
* crema para el cuerlpo = body lotion.
* cuerpo a cuerpo = at close quarters ; hand to hand.
* cuerpo calloso = corpus callosum.
* cuerpo celeste = celestial body ; heavenly body.
* cuerpo Danone = body beautiful.
* cuerpo de animal muerto = carcass.
* cuerpo de bomberos = fire department ; fire brigade.
* cuerpo de estanterías = bay of shelves ; range of shelving ; range ; bay of shelving.
* cuerpo de estanterías por materia = subject bay.
* cuerpo de inspectores = inspectorate.
* cuerpo de la ficha = body of the card.
* Cuerpo de Marina = Navy Corps.
* Cuerpo de Paz, el = Peace Corps.
* Cuerpo de Zapadores = Army Corps Engineers.
* cuerpo diplomático = diplomatic corps.
* cuerpo electoral, el = electoral body, the.
* cuerpo en forma = fit body.
* cuerpo expedicionario = expeditionary force.
* cuerpo extraño = foreign body.
* cuerpo humano, el = human body, the.
* cuerpo político, el = body politic, the.
* cuerpo sin vida = dead body.
* cuerpo sólido = solid body.
* cuerpo y alma = body and soul.
* culto al cuerpo = cult of the body ; body beautiful.
* dar cuerpo = give + substance.
* dar cuerpo a = flesh out.
* dar cuerpo y forma a = lend + substance and form to.
* de cuerpo blando = soft-bodied.
* de cuerpo largo = long-bodied.
* del cuerpo = body.
* espejo de cuerpo entero = full-length mirror.
* foto de medio cuerpo = mugshot [mug shot].
* ingeniero del cuerpo de zapadores = Army Corps engineer.
* lucha a cuerpo partido = hand-to-hand fight.
* luchar cuerpo a cuerpo = clinch ; fight + hand to hand.
* mente sana en cuerpo sano = a healthy mind in a healthy body ; a sound mind in a sound body.
* miembro del cuerpo = limb.
* órgano del cuerpo = limb ; body part.
* pegado al cuerpo = slinky .
* pelea cuerpo a cuerpo = hand-to-hand fight.
* ponerse en forma para la lucir el cuerpo en la playa = get + beach-fit.
* que cubre todo el cuerpo = head to toe.
* responsable del cuerpo de bomberos = fire-department official.
* seguro por pérdida de un miembro del cuerpo = dismemberment insurance.
* tejido del cuerpo = body tissue.
* temperatura del cuerpo = body temperature.
* tener azogue en el cuerpo = have + ants in + Posesivo + pants ; have + the fidgets ; have + ants in + Posesivo + knickers.
* vivir a cuerpo de rey = live like + a king ; live in + the lap of luxury ; live like + a lord.

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