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quota, share; subscription; fee; (Latin America) installment, one of several separate payments into which a debt has been divided



(n.) = charge ; entitlement ; fee ; membership fee ; quota ; membership charge ; service fee.
Ex: PSS has nodes in many major cities: users pay ordinary call charges to the nearest node, plus a charge for the use of PSS.
Ex: In May 1973 a paper was sent to all universities detailing the norms for university library accommodation, whereby the accommodation entitlements were further reduced to about one in five.
Ex: Information providers pay a fee to British Telecom, and may then charge users for each frame that they consult.
Ex: In its early years it benefited from a variety of grants to support activities and developments, but since 1971, OCLC has been supported by membership fees and grants for specific research and development projects.
Ex: At least, in my opinion, it is not adequately supported since the catalogers at LC work under the pressure to produce -- they actually have a weekly quota they are supposed to meet.
Ex: Exemption from membership charges for the elderly on a national scale might mean 280,000 new users.
Ex: Librarian in public libraries are faced with the prospect of service fees.
* asignar una cuota = allocate + quota.
* cobrar una cuota = charge + fee.
* cuota de admisión = intake.
* cuota de inscripción = registration fee(s) ; sign-up fees ; enrolment fee.
* cuota de matrícula = enrolment fee ; registration fee(s).
* cuota de mercado = market share ; mindshare.
* cuota de préstamo = lending fee.
* cuota de producción = production quota.
* cuota de suscripción = dues ; subscription costs.
* cuota inicial = down payment.
* cuota mensual = monthly payment.
* cuota única = flat one-time fee.
* exento de cuota = non-quota.
* no sujeto a una cuota = non-quota.
* reducción de la cuota de los países endeudados = debt relief.
* relacionado con el pago de cuotas = fee-related.

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