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cursive; running

(n./adj.) = italic.
Ex: For the first time the stress was uncompromisingly vertical, while the italic was intended to be a mechanically sloped roman, quite unconnected with calligraphy.
* cursiva aldina = Aldine italic.
* cursiva vicentina = Vicentine italic.
* en cursiva = in italic type.
* poner en cursiva = italicise [italicize, -USA].
(adj.) = cursive ; sloped.
Ex: Fraktur, cut with a contrived formality that belied its cursive origins, became the most successful of all the gothic types, surviving as a book face in Germany until the mid twentieth century.
Ex: Both the Aldine and the Vicentine italics were gradually superseded in the mid sixteenth century by a more practical form of the face emanating from Paris, which had sloped capital and fewer ligatures.
* escritura cursiva = cursive hand.
* letra romana cursiva = sloped roman.

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