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gourd, vessel or utensil made from a dried gourd shell (Caribbean, Southern Cone)
whose; which


= of which ; whose.
Ex: This is a special issue devoted mainly to educational technology containing 4 articles for abstracts of which see the following serial numbers.
Ex: There are only two sets of symbols whose orders are reasonably universally recognised: the letters of the Roman alphabet (either small or capitals), and Arabic numerals.
* cuya constancia ha decaído = lapsed.
* cuya fecha se anunciará más adelante = at a time to be announced later.
* cuya fecha se determinará más adelante = at a time to be determined later.
* cuya oficina central está en = headquartered (at/in).
* cuyo objetivo es = intended to.
* cuyo origen es determinable = retraceable ; traceable.
* cuyo origen es ilocalizable = irretraceable.
* cuyo origen es indeterminable = irretraceable.
* cuyo origen es localizable = traceable ; retraceable.
* cuyos cometidos se solapan = overlapping.
* en cuyo = on whose.
* en cuyo caso = in which case.
* letra cuya impresión en papel no está completa = broken letter.
* país cuya lengua oficial no es el inglés = non-English-speaking country.

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