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(v.) = take + the heat ; throw + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; throw + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring ; put on/up + a brave face ; put up + a fight.
Ex: It seems a bit unfair, though, for Clausen to take all of the heat while her underlings escape unscathed. Ex: Psychologist have found that unselfish workers who are the first to throw their hat in the ring are also among those that coworkers most want to, in effect, vote off the island. Ex: With the war dragging on in Europe, it became apparent that the United States was going to 'toss its hat in the ring' and send troops to the war zone. Ex: He says he will accept whatever outcome the 2011 election brings even if he decides to throw his cap in the ring. Ex: She's ever willing to help and never afraid to toss her cap into the ring when the need arises. Ex: It's no secret that all Commonwealth Games sites are lagging behind schedule but the organisers are putting on a brave face. Ex: Americans are such suckers, being taken over by foreigners and their children and won't even put up a fight.

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