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(v.) = turn + Posesivo + back.
Ex: But as soon as she turned her back he got up and grabbed the knife he had and stabbed her in the back.
(v.) = turn + Nombre + (a)round ; flip ; swing around ; swing back ; turn (a)round ; flip over.
Ex: When he was younger he really turned the library around, from a backwater, two-bit operation to the respected institution it is today. Ex: FlipPhr is a Microsoft Windows application program that rearranges (flips) phrases or other expressions in accordance with rules in a grammar = FlipPhr es una aplicación de Microsoft Windows que reordena (da la vuelta) a las frases u otras expresiones de acuerdo con las reglas de la gramática. Ex: Garschine, who had his back to the door and was looking out of the window when she entered, swung around. Ex: Matrix and mould were pivoted and were brought up to the nozzle of a metal pump for the moment of casting, and then swung back to eject the new-made letter. Ex: In the middle of the night, however, the man gave a start and turned around to find a woman lying at his feet. Ex: If all that runny yolk is unappealing, you can quickly flip it over at the end and have a sunny side down egg.

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