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by no means; not at all, noway, noways, not in the least, under no circumstances, not anywise, of no account, nothing doing, not on your life; certainly not; no way

" nohow (general); not at all (general); not in the least (general); noway (general); no way (objection)"

(n.) = at all ; in any sense of the word ; not at all ; under no/any circumstances ; on no account ; not on any account ; in no way ; there + be + no way.
Ex: Despite this overlap, the other side of the picture is that some materials are covered inadequately or even not at all. Ex: She is not a 'progressive' educator in any sense of the word, and vehemently resists what she calls 'undigested novelties' and 'frills and fripperies' in teaching methodologies. Ex: There's a big difference between returning a book late and not at all. Ex: Some items cannot be copied under any circumstances. Ex: On no account should the schedules of a classification scheme be modified in order to gain some dubious advantage of this kind. Ex: They were given strict instructions that they were not on any account to make eye contact or speak to the star. Ex: Although these categories of concepts are recognizable in UDC, they are in now way made explicit within the scheme. Ex: There's no way I could attend the conference over the big pond from the UK. = Not on your life! ; over + Posesivo + dead body.
Ex: I believe that if I were to ask my colleagues, 'Shouldn't we be collecting blogs?', they would rightly reply, 'Not on your life!'. Ex: 'Over my dead body' was his response to proposals to scale back the $1.35 trillion in tax cuts planned for the next ten years = "Por encima de mi cadáver" fue su respuesta a los propuestas de recortar los 1.35 trillones de dólares en los presupuestos planeados para los próximos diez años.

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