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suddenly, all of a sudden, on the spur of the moment, by surprise, all at once, impromptu



= suddenly ; without warning ; just like that ; unexpectedly ; out of nowhere ; all at once.
Ex: Then suddenly he extinguished his smile and arranged his countenance so that his listener should suppose him to be profoundly disturbed. Ex: In February 1986 an unforeseeable financial crisis at the Georgia Institute of Technology's library made it necessary to divert the binding budget to other areas and without warning binding activities were halted. Ex: All I have to say is nothing happens just like that overnight, it takes time and exhausting waiting. Ex: DC has now announced that work has already begun on the expansion of the new schedule 302-307, an announcement which has not unexpectedly aroused some criticism. Ex: Mark has become a really good actor who kind of shot to stardom out of nowhere. Ex: And, all at once, the moon arouse through the thin ghastly mist, crimson in color.

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