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occasionally, now and again, on occasion, every now and then, now and then, ever and anon, betweentimes, once in a while, off and on, at intervals


" now and then (time); occasionally (general); on and off (time)"

= from time to time ; now and then ; now and again ; once in a while ; at various times ; occasionally ; off and on ; on and off ; occasional ; every so often ; every now and then ; every now and again ; every once in a while ; on occasion(s).
Ex: From time to time it may be necessary to consult external references sources in order for the indexer to achieve a sufficient understanding of the document content for effective indexing. Ex: All talk now and then wanders down byways, for a moment or two, during which the participants gather themselves for a fresh attack on the main subject. Ex: Such paper was rarely made, but may now and again be found with the watermark in the middle, or next to an edge, of the sheet. Ex: But why, I ask you, can he not be supportive, even once in a while?. Ex: At various times the library holds computer classes for children and adults. Ex: Only occasionally although increasingly is the full text of a document used. Ex: Off and on for the past decade a small group of transpeople have set up a protest camp across the road in the hope of changing the law. Ex: On and off for the past two decades, her father has been gathering information about their family genealogy. Ex: BLAISE conduct the occasional search for those libraries which do not have access to a terminal. Ex: Every so often, the mist cleared and I could see sunlight in the distance. Ex: I can walk on that foot, but as you described, every now and then without warning, the foot and ankle give way. Ex: Every now and again, someone gets the fame they deserve. Ex: It does help to every once in a while ask where we came from and where we are going as a library. Ex: The notation uses upper case letters and arabic numerals 1 to 9; and on occasion the hyphen.

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