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preparation; engagement; schoolwork, homework
duty, obligation; due; onus; encumbrance; remitment; thing; term; part; task; homework



(n.) = homework ; school tasks ; homework assignment ; school work [schoolwork] ; class assignment ; course assignment ; student assignment.
Ex: When a schoolboy, coming to the library with nothing better than grades in mind, discovers incidentally the fascination of books that have nothing to do with his homework. Ex: In teaching session after teaching session, day after day, school tasks are administered through textbooks, instruction manuals, reference works, etc -- tomes teeming with problems for the pupils to solve. Ex: This is and information service available for IBM and Macintosh computers with a modem to help students with homework assignments. Ex: Most of them use the library for their school work, and the majority are not satisfied either with library collections or services. Ex: Class assignments may have to be redesigned if the full capabilities offered by multimedia instructional products are to be fully exploited. Ex: The author discusses the course assignments, teaching methods and materials, and the lessons learned from the experience. Ex: City librarians need to be notified about student assignments so that materials can be pulled from shelves and reserved for student use. (n.) = duty [duties, -pl.] ; obligation.
Ex: Organisations often expect an information officer or librarian to prepare such abstracts as are necessary, in addition to performing various other information duties.
Ex: At the same time, the Library acknowledges its obligation to cooperate with major abstracting and indexing services to build a comprehensive national bibliographic data base.
* asumir + Posesivo + deber = assume + Posesivo + duty.
* asumir un deber = assume + Posesivo + duty.
* consciente de los deberes de Uno = dutiful.
* cumplir con + Posesivo + deber = fulfil + Posesivo + duty.
* cumplir con un deber = discharge + Posesivo + duty ; fulfil + Posesivo + duty.
* deber ciudadano = civic duty.
* deber cumplido = duty accomplished.
* deberes = homework ; school tasks ; homework assignment ; school work [schoolwork] ; class assignment ; course assignment ; student assignment.
* deberes escritos = writing homework.
* deber familiar = familial duty.
* deber moral = moral duty.
* deber profesional = professional duty.
* hacer el deber de Uno = do + Posesivo + part.
* hacer los deberes = do + Posesivo + homework.
* incumplimiento del deber = neglect of duty ; breach of duty.
* más allá del deber = beyond the call of duty.
* negligencia en el cumplimiento del deber = dereliction of duty.
* no hacer los deberes = be asleep at the wheel.
* sentido del deber = sense of duty.
* tener el deber de = have + a responsibility to.
* tener un deber que cumplir con = have + a responsibility to.
(v.) = must ; ought to ; owe.
Ex: Even the same collection some years on will have altered, and the device, in order to remain effective, must evolve in keeping with the development of the collection.
Ex: Early in its discussions the Working Group concluded that the implementation of an international authority system ought to follow a phased approach.
Ex: DOBIS/LIBIS can then tell which borrowers owe the library money.
* debe por lo tanto deducirse que = it must therefore follow that.
* debe por lo tanto esperarse que = it must therefore follow that.
* debe por lo tanto ser lógico que = it must therefore follow that.
* debe por lo tanto ser una consecuencia lógica que = it must therefore follow that.
* deber haber ocurrido antes = be long overdue.
* debería existir = there + ought to be.
* debería haber = there + ought to be.
* debería(n) = should.
* deber pagarse = be payable.
* deber pensarse = thought + must be given.
* deber prestar atención = warrant + consideration.
* deberse = be due.
* deberse a = be due to ; be caused by ; be attributable to ; boil down to ; be down to.
* deber una a Alguien = owe + Nombre + one.
* deber una multa = owe + a fine.
* deber + Verbo = be + to be + Verbo.
* debe ser + Participio = be to be + Participio.
* estar haciendo algo que no se debe = be up to no good ; get up to + no good.
* mérito + deberse a = credit + be due to ; credit + go to ; be to the credit of.
* multa que se debe = unpaid fine.
* no actuar como se debe = be remiss.
* no cumplir con + Posesivo + deber = be remiss.
* no debemos + Infinitivo = let us not + Infinitivo.
* no deber nada = pay + Posesivo + dues.
* no debes juzgar un libro por el color de sus pastas = don't judge a book by its cover ; don't judge a book by its cover.

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