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weakness, feebleness, debility; meekness; flimsiness; foible; grogginess


(n.) = frailty ; infirmity ; brittleness ; weakness ; faintness.
Ex: When discussing the undoubted deficiencies of LCSH, the errors are claimed to be the result of human frailty in the application of a basically sound system.
Ex: We must also consider those people who could and would use a library but are prevented from doing so by physical factors such as infirmity.
Ex: Aspects of physical condition, including pH, brittleness, mutilation, and environmental damage were surveyed = Los aspectos del estado físico que se estudiaron fueron el pH, la fragilidad, la mutilación y los daños producidos por las condiciones ambientales.
Ex: Due to her weakness, Rosie had a difficult time getting in/out of chairs, and off the toilet.
Ex: Faintness is the feeling of a lack of strength with a sensation of impending loss of consciousness.
* debilidad física = physical weakness.
(n.) = weakness ; foible ; weak point ; soft spot.
Ex: The strengths and weaknesses of natural language indexing derive from this basic characteristic.
Ex: For instance, if a person is working on building a radio program, the librarian should provide her with background information that helps to set the tone of the program, with facts and foibles of celebrities, with case histories of successful campaigns, with analogies, quotations, and anecdotes, and so on.
Ex: Both earch engines has their own strong and weak points.
Ex: Lack of adequate reflection on the literature of political and legal theory is a soft spot in the book, however.
* como muestra de + Posesivo + debilidad = as a sign of + Posesivo + weakness ; as a sign of + Posesivo + weakness.
* debilidad del ser humano = mankind's frailty.
* debilidad humana = human frailty.
* en señal de + Posesivo + debilidad = as a sign of + Posesivo + weakness.
* fingir debilidad = sandbagging.
* ser la debilidad de Alguien = be a sucker for.
* tener debilidad por = have + a soft spot for.

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