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jaundiced; disappointed


(adj.) = disheartened ; disappointed.
Ex: This paper describes a case study where a proposal by the city manager to cut the budget of the public library by 40% has left the library director very disheartened.
Ex: The Bible is full of disappointed people!.
* sentirse decepcionado = get + disappointed ; be disappointed.
(v.) = fail ; disappoint ; disillusion ; dash + Posesivo + hopes ; let + Nombre + down ; dishearten ; underwhelm.
Ex: Thus our catalogs have largely failed our readers in the important function of revealing what editions and translations of a particular work the library had.
Ex: I am afraid I shall disappoint again, for this book is not a polemical document, nor is it even a personal view of community information.
Ex: Without clearly defined goals librarians run the risk of over-promising and perhaps disillusioning patrons and staff.
Ex: It was hoped that this meeting would bring about reinstatement of the library funds which were so massively cut a year ago; these hopes were soon dashed.
Ex: The UK education system is letting down business by not creating enough scientists, the CBI says.
Ex: It is easy to be disheartened by the negative flow of news, but the strength of our labor market should bolster the confidence of our outlook.
Ex: Critics have been largely underwhelmed by the film and have described it as lacking in the vigour and excitement of its predecessor.
* decepcionarse = be disappointed ; become + disillusioned.

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