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decide, determine; judge, adjudge; clinch; arrange; dispose

he/she decided

(v.) = decide ; decision to the contrary ; make + choices ; opt (out for) ; settle ; sort out ; take + viewpoint ; adjudicate ; resolve ; take + view ; take + Posesivo + pick ; call + the shots ; be the boss ; rule + the roost ; run + the show.
Ex: At the two extremes, the order may simply be decided for each topic as and when it arises, and followed thereafter.
Ex: Unless a conscious decision has been made to the contrary, the abstractor should not introduce any new biases or emphases.
Ex: Frequently it is necessary for the librarian or information worker to make choices concerning record size and field size.
Ex: However, in 1983, Forest Press decided to opt for the concept of continuous revision.
Ex: Once the name to be used in a heading and its form have been settled, it is time to decide upon the entry element, or in more general terms, to examine the preferred order of the components of a name as the name is to appear as a heading.
Ex: It is true that assignments were being heaped upon him with immense rapidity, but he would be able to sort them out and contrive solutions.
Ex: Whatever viewpoint is taken, it is difficult to dispute the significance of AACR1.
Ex: I know a large library catalog in this country where the person in charge of filing has to adjudicate on the average four times a day on where a particular card should go.
Ex: Bogardus privately resolved that nothing would induce her to assent to this monstrous possibility.
Ex: There are those, sometimes found in the corridors of power, who would take such a view.
Ex: We can offer them both and let our users take their pick.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Who's calling the shots in the semiconductor industry'.
Ex: One of the hardest things about being the boss is that no one tells you what you're doing wrong.
Ex: Just as the 19th century belonged to England and the 20th century to America, so the 21st century will be China's turn to set the agenda and rule the roost.
Ex: This might happen organically as a younger cohort replaces the boomers currently running the show.
* decidir Algo sobre la marcha = play + Nombre + by ear ; play it + by ear.
* decidir hacer = spring for.
* decidir + Infinitivo = choose to + Infinitivo ; elect to + Infinitivo.
* decidir no + Infinitivo = decide against + Gerundio ; decide against + Nombre.
* decidir no participar en = opt out (of/from).
* decidir no ser incluido en = opt out (of/from).
* decidir participar en = opt in.
* decidir por cuenta propia = take it upon + Reflexivo + to.
* decidir + Posesivo + destino = seal + Posesivo + fate.
* decidir + Posesivo + suerte = seal + Posesivo + fate.
* decidir qué hacer con = make + disposition of.
* decidirse = make up + Posesivo + (own) mind ; make + Posesivo + mind up.
* decidirse por = marry ; settle on/upon ; go for ; come down in + favour of ; plump for.
* decidirse por uno mismo = make up + Posesivo + (own) mind.
* decidir ser incluido en = opt in.
* decidir sobre la marcha = decide as + Pronombre + go along.
* dejar decidir = give + Nombre + a choice.
* estar decidido a = be determined to.
* por decidir = to be decided.

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