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defective, imperfect; deficient, wanting

(adj.) = failing ; faulty ; defective ; flawed ; malfunctioning ; unsound ; glitchy .
Ex: Rejuvenation of listless, stagnant, or failing library operations is possible through renewal methods dependent on strengthening the communication function.
Ex: This would imply, given a 99.9 percent accuracy rate, that approximately 11 percent of all records would have at least one faulty access point!.
Ex: The learning of these people is very defective, consisting only of morality, history, poetry and mathematics.
Ex: Librarians should welcome this document, which is nonetheless considered flawed = Los bibliotecarios deberían acoger bien este documento, aunque se considera defectuoso.
Ex: In the character of Emma, Austen combines a superiority complex with self-deception to depict a malfunctioning social hierarchy.
Ex: This argument is unsound because it is invalid, regardless of whether the premises are actually true.
Ex: Basically when playing PC games, sometimes I notice the graphics will get a bit glitchy and start flashing.
* artículo defectuoso = reject.
* funcionamiento defectuoso = malfunction.
* producto defectuoso = defective product ; reject.
* tienda de artículos defectuosos = reject shop.
* vestuario defectuoso = wardrobe malfunction.

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