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(n.) = deficiency ; failing ; shortcoming ; shortfall [short-fall] ; weakness ; impairment ; drawback.
Ex: In view of the frequency with which users could benefit from references to a broader subject this omission must be regarded as a deficiency of A/Z subject catalogue.
Ex: No supervisor should be a tiresome nag, but the achievements and failings of a persons's performance deserves mention in a constructive way at timely, regular intervals.
Ex: He wrote to James explaining the shortcomings of his catalog.
Ex: It seems likely that it is between 80-90% complete but since there are some notable absentees the shortfall in total coverage is a significant one.
Ex: The strengths and weaknesses of natural language indexing derive from this basic characteristic.
Ex: A well-designed multimodal application can be used by people with a wide variety of impairments.
Ex: The drawbacks of this form are its limited flexibility, and the time taken in maintenance.
* corregir deficiencias = correct + deficiencies.
* deficiencia auditiva = hearing disorder ; hearing impairment ; hearing disability.
* deficiencia cognitiva = cognitive impairment.
* deficiencia mental = mental deficiency ; mental defect.
* deficiencias = rough edges.
* deficiencias en el aprendizaje = learning disability.
* deficiencia visual = visual impairment ; visual disability.
* deficiencia vitamínica = vitamin deficiency.
* personas con deficiencias auditivas, las = hearing impaired, the.
* personas con deficiencias mentales corregibles = educably mentally handicapped (EMH).
* presentar deficiencias = fall + short.
* superar una deficiencia = overcome + weakness.

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