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definitely, absolutely; clearly; specifically



= assuredly ; definitely ; definitively ; once (and) for all ; terminally ; incurably ; once for all ; most certainly.
Ex: Without question, information has most assuredly become the competitive edge for business and industry.
Ex: Cutter argued that when it could be established that the second term was definitely more significant then inversion of headings was acceptable.
Ex: It still may be too early to say definitively whether the abandonment of this policy has overall been in the public interest.
Ex: I cannot tell you how happy we in the circulation department will all be to put an end once and for all to the smiling delinquent patron who rejoices in paying his fine because he is thereby 'supporting a worthy cause'.
Ex: The gap between God's finger and Adam's in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam (Vatican, Sistine Chapel) reflects Adam's terminally imperfect state.
Ex: Regrettably, the well-intentioned publication of Devereux's typescript has been incurably bungled, and Rastell remains without either a complete or trustworthy bibliography.
Ex: Dead men have no friends; consequently, Israel must abandon its love affair with its putative, feckless friends and kill, once for all, its mortal foes.
Ex: Whatever people may say, whatever they may do, I will most certainly protect you.
* cerrar definitivamente = close + Posesivo + doors ; close down + operations.
* confirmar definitivamente = put it + to rest.

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