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cutting of one's throat, beheading; massacre; shaft of a firearm


(n.) = decapitation ; beheading.
Ex: Decapitation did not represent the mode of killing but rather the gesture of taking the head off the already dead body as a trophy or relic.
Ex: Beheadings are a religious practice in Islam.
(v.) = behead ; decapitate ; slit + Posesivo + throat.
Ex: On July 2, 1834, the figurehead of President Andrew Jackson on the U.S. frigate Constitution was beheaded.
Ex: Animals were first anesthetized and then decapitated and brains were removed, frozen with dry ice powder, and stored in a deep freezer = Primero se anestesió a los animales y luego se decapitaron y se extrajeron sus cerebros, congelándolos con hielo seco en polvo y guardándolos en un congelador.
Ex: These men were telling her they'd slit her throat or rape her little sister if she didn't do what they said.

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